November Third Two Thousand Fifteen {Hospitality}

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While I was in the barn this morning, I pondered about this exact word. What hospitality means, and what encompasses it’s implications. As we enter November, the first thing that comes to mind is Thanksgiving, a holiday which many of us partake in. This holiday is completely obsessed with hospitality. It seems to me, pressure builds around this season to be hospitable when you may naturally, not be. I find that odd. Being a naturally hospitable person, I struggle to imagine stress on someone during this time of year to be more hospitable than usual. Perhaps a newly married wife suddenly finds it her duty to host a Thanksgiving meal when she had never done so before. Or even someone who lives alone finally feels the urge to open their home to friends as a host. For those with a natural spirit or ministry of Hospitality, they are able to swing open the doors at whatever time of the day or year, and welcome in complete strangers. But what if that is intimidating for some?

My personal belief is that hospitality comes in many forms. And while we discuss this topic through the month of November, I know I will touch on only a few. I do hope that someone is able to take a small bit of advice away from these discussions and thoughts. Perhaps even learn something they had been itching to discover.

So that everyone can quickly catch on to my methods, I will comprise today’s post a bit more for ease of reading than what I am hoping to achieve. Being my first actual post I would greatly accept kind and creative critique. So let us get down to the sub topic of Hospitality. Something everyone believes they must achieve in order to properly entertain. And what I believe to be a huge mistake and misconception.


All my life, I have heard the mantra “A clean home is a happy home.” And while I ritualize this very habit to an unhealthy extent; I firmly stand my ground that the belief that women must uphold a clean and tidy home in order to host is one giant fallacy. The true essence of hospitality is the willingness to open your home under any circumstance. And let us be honest, even the best housewives have days where they simply can’t cut it. We are all human. So if the floors are dirty, and the dishes piled up, does this mean you should turn away someone from your home?


Sweetling, Let’s be honest. It might put grays in your hair to think someone would come into your home and judge all the clutter, or the fact your comode hasn’t been scrubbed- But the fact that you’re able to open up your home and heart without feeling the pressure of making sure everything is spotless is a true work of God. People admire confidence. Let’s be clear, I’m not suggesting that you don’t clean your home if you have planned events. It’s simply good training as a woman to keep your appearances up to par. But if your friend has had a terrible fight and wants a night with you on a few cocktails, She won’t care if you haven’t made the bed or the litter box hasn’t been scooped today. Grab a bottle of wine, make that bed and pop in a movie. She will forget the fact you weren’t prepared to host her. The quality time when she was in need spoke measures about your hospitality.


Hospitality is a mindset, more than a skill. I admire anyone who can always whip out a pie at a moment’s notice and strive for such a legacy myself. But we must work at the things we are good at. I am more willing to gravitate to my Mother-In Law who has a bit of clutter, dust on her shelves and less food baked or prepared for her essence and spirit; her ability to love people and be genuine. Versus my Aunt who spends hours stressing and preparing for every aspect to be perfect that she’s too tired to enjoy her company.

Some women have it down to a science, And we all admire them. I am not telling you to not strive for their finesse in hospitality, but merely to not worry so much and do all these things with a joyful heart. It’s part of life to run out of time. So if you bake the pies and cookies and have dishes to do, please do not spend the time you need to invest in your guests doing the dishes! They can wait! The quality time cannot!

{Sweet Baby Cadillac’s Tips}

If cleanliness is not your strong suit, I suggest taking the three most important things in your eyes and doing them daily to ensure you always feel more prepared to combat unexpected visitors. For me, This includes my animal’s habitats or litter boxes, the dishes and picking up clutter for at least 15 minutes at the beginning of each day.

If you need help, ask if you are able. I may not work outside the home other than helping run Mister’s business- But my job in the home is just as time consuming and hard. If I need help, I ask my Mister to do one or two items, and make sure he feels thanked and valued for his help. This may be by serving him first, a little special attention or honest kind words. I know we all want to dote on our husbands, since they do so much for us, but sometimes we all need help.

Make a list. If you aren’t a list maker, I really suggest starting. The feeling of scratching something off that you have completed can give you a great sense of accomplishment if you have a big day preparing for visitors.

Wear an apron. This might sound silly, but I believe the traditional dress covering has magical powers. It helps me get into the mood to host, to carry out my duties and keep my dress clean. And to be specific, be sure to have a special apron just for being hospitable. And a special apron for dirty work. Changing these little beauties is like changing your armor based on your battle.

And lastly, be forgiving of yourself. If something gets skipped before a big event, only you will notice. And if you end up with a group of people over unexpectedly, don’t apologize for the state of your home. Give yourself grace.

{My Week So Far}

IMG_6248 IMG_6277 IMG_6278 IMG_6279 IMG_6280

Chloe went to the vet on Monday, She has a sinus infection and had to have two broken blood feathers removed. The amount of medication needed is going to make a very long month to get her back on track.  Thankfully Roxy’s move went splendidly and there seems to be a renewed sense of hope for her and I with this lovely weather heading into this week. Being November and 70 degrees seems like a gift from God.  A good chance to ride will lift my spirits.

{Weekly Chore List}

  • Shampoo carpets.
  • Organize kitchen cabinets.
  • Clean downstairs closets.
  • Wash and hang drapes.

I hope you all have a splendid week, and I pray blessings for all of you.

XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac.


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