November Fifth Two Thousand Fifteen {Hospitality}

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Some people live under the belief that hospitality is only in play when you host someone at your home, or in a place which you have high importance. Today’s post is going to be part one of two; mostly because I find this to be a key social skill that modern women, and people in general are beginning to lack. The parties of modern generations seem to skip the class and upscale standard of entertaining that the mid century seemed to embrace. More often I see photos of people in jeans and t shirts holding a beer instead of leisure suits and cocktail dresses with a rock glass of fine bourbon. Why exactly have we lost the charm and glamour of entertaining someone with finery and class? To be honest, the most up scale event I have been to in the past two years was an anniversary dinner at the historic Toledo Club. Would you believe that the standard for jacket and tie was only followed by men over 55? Women can be just as guilty, Believing pink skinny jeans are considered formal wear. I suppose showing up like this:

FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender IMG_2379  Is bound to turn a few heads.

If you’re hoping to gain a little touch of yesteryear, here are a few of Sweet Baby Cadillac’s tips on how to be a hospitable party guest based on some rather outdated (yet wonderful) mid century ideals. And yes, Hospitality comes into play even if you’re not hosting!

{How To Be A Proper Guest}

If you are invited to an event and you have no idea the dress code, It’s always best to overdress. I always say I would rather turn heads than not, and taking pride in your appearance is always appreciated. I understand that this whole “Dress Code” Thing sounds odd in today’s society, but I am a firm believer that it’s important to take pride in your appearance and to know what you’re dressing for is a very smart thing to do. The simple guidelines are as follows.

Morning- Meeting for brunch with the book club? Dress light and free. Bright happy colors with minimal jewelry and finery. Skirts and dresses are always acceptable, but a nice pair of slacks is alright too. Accessorize smart. If you wear earrings and a necklace, pass on bracelets and a hat. Vice versa.

Evening- For most women who hold onto the ideals of petticoats and corsets, evening supper and high teas always called for fine dresses and formal wear. A fresh appearance, hair perfectly placed and evening gloves. If I am out in the evenings, I try my best to look simply stunning.

You may wonder what dress code has to do with hospitality? Well, I am afraid that not everyone will take pride introducing you to their acquaintances if you are wearing cutoff shorts and crocs. Have I made my point?

Second, If there’s alcohol to be served, drink modestly. In today’s society it seems acceptable to be hammered anywhere and everywhere and even at any time of the day. This notion just sickens me. It is rude to lose control of yourself. It makes people uncomfortable. If I am socially drinking, I stop at a bubbly glow. Enough to feel good but have complete control over my words and actions. If no one else is drinking, DO NOT consume alcohol. It is rude.

When partaking in group conversation and someone keeps getting cut off- Take them to the side and let them continue their story or topic. Making people feel heard and appreciated can help them have a good experience even if it is someone else’s party. Be a genuine listener and conversationalist. Other people’s parties are good times to practice your own hosting skills.

Whenever entering a party at someone else’s home, ask if they would like you to remove your shoes. It’s only polite and take their advice.

As entertaining wears down, it’s always hospitable to offer help as guests leave. Whether it be with clean up, or ushering people out the door safely. This is a great tip for those of you who may be trying to impress a boss at an employee party.

As a woman, this one should speak measures. Whenever you are at an event, bring a preparedness kit. This should include things like: feminine hygiene supplies, first aid, safety pins, medications, and tissues. Being the one to save the day is just good manners and very hospitable.

Never take the last bit of anything. Whether it be bread, salad or dessert. If no one shows interest, ask politely if anyone wants said item before taking it after everyone declines.

If you see someone upset over something, offer to help. How many times have you been at a party or get together and found someone crying in the bathroom. I can probably raise more than one hand. Along with this, Do not push. Please. If the person denies your help then it’s best to leave them be. Being pushy is not hospitable. Ask once and leave it at that. The preparedness kit mentioned above can come in really handy for this scenario.

Before you arrive at a social gathering, call or text message the host asking if they need any last minute forgotten items. How many women wish they had someone to do that for them when hosting?

 If you dress and act as I do, the charm and nostalgia you carry may turn heads and attract a lot of attention. This can be both good an bad. Although amazing for the ego, it can be crippling for others. Especially women. Please ladies, if you seem to attract attention, be sure to stay kind, humble, polite and meek.

Lastly, brush up on table manners. This can be different for everyone, and whether you are hosting or attending. Because of this, I can’t and won’t get into deliberate detail.

As we end on a high note, I do hope that you always find joy in attending other’s planned festivities. It’s good manners to make an effort to be social. If you host often yourselves, it’s good sport to also put yourself out there and attend other events that your piers and friends put together. I have a handful of acquaintances that I attend their events and they seem to always put off appearing or showing interest in my own parties. This can be troublesome to many. So even if you have a busy schedule, do your best to make time and attend a few events so that you don’t appear rude.

Do you have any suggestions for being Hospitable at someone else’s event? Discuss them in the comments below!

{My Week So Far}

It’s the first week of November and 90% of the trees in Ohio still have their leaves. It amazes me that it’s a month until my birthday and we have yet to have the slightest sign of cold and snow.

With my recent job change, I have been attempting to spend more mornings with God. This involves waking up an hour before everyone in my home to read my bible and journal some. Things have been so hectic I observe that I am becoming short tempered. I hope that more time with God and hearing His word can put out that evil fire.

Tuesday morning I discovered an unexpected amazing combination for breakfast burritos. The recipe is as follows.

1/4 dry cup quinoa

1/4 dry cup fine chopped kale

a pinch of basil

2 farm fresh free range eggs scrambled with salt and pepper

red pepper flakes to taste.

All wrapped into a flour tortilla.

Despite my husband saying it was bird food, he admitted to thoroughly enjoying them.

IMG_6288 IMG_6147 IMG_6150 IMG_6153

Praying you all have a safe weekend.

XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac

{{All photos herein are owned by the Author. Distribution, usage or editing of any of these photos without expressed permission is punishable by law}}


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