November Twelfth Two Thousand Fifteen {Hospitality}


It’s a blustery day here in Northwest Ohio, and to say the least, I am glad to be inside. With certain business related frustrations that I have been dealing with, I lack much inspiration to write a constructive post. For that I apologize. Because of the change in weather, I have an urge to simply curl up and read. Which, I may do just that.

Because the thought of hospitality is so fresh in our minds through this series, I have compiled a list of books I should, and will; or have read. This is in hopes to inspire and bring knowledge about the ways of hospitality in my every day life. Reading is an amazing way to gain knowledge, even in Fiction cases. I might just have to cheat and pop on my Kindle with a cup of Peppermint Tea and read a bit this evening after I toss my lasagna together. I always prefer analog books. Haha, but I suppose when I have run my head off on the town today already, I can just settle for the digital copy.

{Books On Hospitality}

I know I preach a lot about trying to live a purist mid century lifestyle, But who are we kidding? I have a blog and an instagram for Pete’s Sake! I don’t understand the pull of powers between my desire to rid my life of modern technology, and my urge to communicate with it. Never the less, The books on my Must Read list were found simply by Googling “Books about Hospitality.” I then decided from that point whether I wished to proceed and add it to my list by the reviews posted from other readers. The descriptions and reviews are that posted from Google.

Without further adieu~

Book Number One:

A Woman Of Hospitality:


By Dee Brestin.

This book is a Christian publication. It has no reviews by readers online but the description of the book really caught me

“God Created YOU to be A Woman of Hospitality! When scriptural hospitality is practiced, miracles happen! Loneliness is obliterated Strangers become “extended family” You see God on the move changing lives Your own family is strengthened God’s love is made complete in you (1 John 4:12) Bestselling author and renowned Bible teacher Dee Brestin will help you see the difference between hospitality and entertaining with a variety of biblical examples. Dee’s personal and practical ideas will equip you to meet your family’s needs while you reach out to others, and help you create special traditions that celebrate opening your heart and home to others.”

Because of this, I think I am going to attempt it.

Book Number Two:


Open Heart Open Homes

By Karen Mains

This is another Christian Publication to which the five star review and few quotes from the book had me snagged in an instant. Apparently it’s a must read for those who feel Hospitality is their ministry. It’s 208 pages and so I could easily sweep through it in a matter of days.

Book Number Three:

How To Love Your Neighbor Without Being Weird

By Amy Lively


I hear this book is full of witty humor but very down to earth simple ways of being hospitable. It apparently focuses on your neighbors. Those that live around you. This is something I have been TRYING to do. Yet I get met with a lot of cold shoulders. It’s another Christian publication and the cover is very catching.

Book Number Four:

How To Be A Victorian: A Dawn to Dusk Guide to Victorian Life

By Ruth Goodman

shopping (1)

I really would enjoy reading this book. Apparently it’s not for the faint of heart and would only be suitable for those who truly want to understand the actual day to day of Victorian living. It’s a long read, over 400 pages. But the fact it is apparently written by someone who lived this lifestyle, has me very intrigued. It’s not directly correlated to hospitality but the lives of Victorian era people revolved around a lack of privacy and high standards of manners. I think it would tie in very well to our topic.

Book Number Five:

Betty Goes Vegan

By Anne and Dan Shannon


I have this book, and I must say- it is my “go to” for all situations when I am entertaining. It has hundreds of veganized favorites.  It’s written instructions are very well explained and at times the little narratives can be charming and comical. I figured I must put a recipe book in somewhere when speaking about hospitality. So here it is. My favorite book, especially for the fact it was such an unexpected gift from a very dear friend of mine. I treasure it so very much.

I know that there’s more books I haven’t read on this short list, but what can I say? I have the urge to read them. I will surely update whether or not I fully recommend these publications and stand behind the practices titled inside the covers. I feel as though women should always read, it is a firm foundation of knowledge and helps promote the use of vocabulary words and manners of speech we wouldn’t use otherwise. Take notes if you need, I do! And above all, if you absolutely hate the book, You never need to finish it.

Life is too short to waste on bad books.

{My Week So Far}

FullSizeRender (5) IMG_6383 IMG_6396 IMG_6397 IMG_6412

Hazardous 40 MPH winds call for hair scarves. It seems like the weather is finally changing and for that, we went and got tattooed! Not exactly the reason, but commemorating our trip on RT 66 was something Mister and I have wanted to do for some time. My leg is rather sore, I knew the inner thigh meat was a bit intimidating, and although it was fine while the tattoo was being applied, the aftermath was much worse. Tuesday night, I made fresh Vegan kebabs with Tofurkey Italian style sausages. I always use fresh garlic on my asparagus and the mozzarella cheese is a favorite of my husband.

I pray blessings for all of you and a great end to your week!

XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac

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