Losing a Loved One {November 17th 2015}

My family has lost a very special person. Last week, my Husband’s Grandfather passed away. It was not entirely unexpected but we were slightly off guard.


To say the least, with everything going on, I haven’t had time to construct a post. Simply put, I am going to concentrate on family for the moment, and so this blog may go on a slight hiatus. I appreciate everyone’s support for this blog and hope that after a bit of time I can jump back into passionately constructing posts.

{Photos from the week so far}


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2 thoughts on “Losing a Loved One {November 17th 2015}

  1. My greatest condolences for your loss. I’m sorry to hear, but I am also very glad that it was not entirely unsurprising and that you at least had some knowledge prior to it. I wish you and your Husband (and family) well during your break.


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