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Reinventing Life {November 23, 2015}

When I first envisioned a proper blog, I had hoped to truly reach readers who were interested in mid century life, etiquette, fashion, culture, music and manners of living in general. After this recent hiatus, the death of a family member and some very large changes in life plans; I have been in deep prayer as for the direction of my blog and my life. I can’t currently say exactly what I am going to do because as of yet I do not know. I have many dreams and passions, and an internet presence is not at the top of the list. I find this to be a hobby at most.

My current plans and focuses are on God. What He has planned for me and my family and what exactly He wishes for me to spend my talents on. I am so much more than a “P in up” or “Vintage” fashion enthusiast. I am a mother to multiple rescue animals, a wife, a servant of God, a writer, an artist, a dreamer and a doer. And I just do not know what I am supposed to be doing.

There is talk of a big move that could take us hours south of here, which is an orchestration that puts a lot of stress and planning on my family, as well as the fact that we must save more money than originally thought when we decided we wanted to move. I know in my heart that I need to move. To find a home I feel safe with my family in. Jesus is coming and the days before His return are ugly. We are living in them. I must be prepared for what lies ahead both spiritually and physically. So that means more focus on the health of my spirit and relationship with the Holy One.

I do not wish to completely quit blogging, for I do not have many like minded connections in my home town. This is a haven for me to find people that I can relate to. But the content may change drastically. I don’t have the time to construct themed posts at current. And I wonder if that is even something that you all enjoy. Blogging doesn’t start off with 100 views and 50 comments the first day, this I know. But what I wish is to have a more constructive place for me where I do not feel pressured to deliver.

With the Holidays and my Birthday quickly in tow, I am realizing just how soon the new year is coming.This year has been battling hard with the enemy, but we have remained strong and closer than ever. I thank God for that because without my Husband and family- I would find it very difficult to get through all of this. With multiple deaths, and little lives coming in and going out of the world, I struggle to know exactly what it is I want to do right now. I know for sure that children aren’t on the spectrum for my Husband and I. Not now, Maybe never but we trust God will give us a blessing when the time is right. I honestly can’t say I don’t know what I want, Kids or lots of birds and horses.

I have been so drained lately. Mentally and physically. I do my best to get up and do what I must do. And in most cases I do it, but I’m left feeling pretty empty after all of it. And I know that some prayer and spiritual rejuvenation is needed.

I started a bible group for ladies next week, but my friend circle is small. I hope to just help lift up other women in need of some time away from their chaos. I am not sure how well it will take off.

Since this post is 90% rambling and a small portion about my current life situations, I will just share photos and get on with my day. I feel like there’s more to say but I should probably just leave it be.

A special thank you goes out to my supportive readers and followers. I appreciate all your kindness. I hope your Holidays are magnificent.


{While I Was Away}

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I haven’t been dressing up much lately because it has been so cold and I am outside 80% of the time. But I have been doing a few fun things with my hair; which was sadly cut too short.


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I am planning to hold Thanksgiving, and spent time compiling my list today for the menu and meal plans. Lots of tea has been consumed since the first snowfall of the year.


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The farm has seemed to be the only place I feel at home lately. Nature has been my solace. I spent time cleaning my oven in preparation for all the baking that will ensue this week. Chloe has decided she is the overseer of all house chores. I also managed to organize my office again. The donor 70 Cadillac Coupe Deville is now up for parting out. We have everything we need off it, and we are ready to say goodbye to the rusty girl.


I hope you all have a marvelous week.


XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac


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