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Exciting Week {November 28th 2015}


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I hope everyone had an amazing time this Holiday. I pray you made marvelous memories and concentrated on everything you were thankful for. I am so happy that all my plans went off without a hitch or snag. We had a great time eating, fellow shipping, and making fond memories to last a life time. After all of this has finished. We enter a completely new season. That of Christmas.

I am finally able to sing carols and decorate my house with my over the top winter penguin collection. I am a large fan of Christmas. Mostly because it’s a day we celebrate and honor our Savior Jesus Christ (Even though we got his birthday wrong. I don’t think he minds as long as our hearts are in the right place.) We give and receive gifts and reflect internally about being more thankful. But what about those who have nothing?

Not even Jesus?

As the weather in Ohio gets cold, snow falls and we see more examples of the homeless who go without- My spirit stirs a deep remorse. You can never truly help everyone in need, but the attempt to do so is honorable. In past years, I have been so caught up in what I have to do that I seem to be unable to focus on those who have nothing during Christmas. I want to focus this holiday season on blessing those who need it, all so that perhaps they can know who this holiday is all about.

{Blessing Bags}


Many of you have heard about blessing bags. I have done this before and it was always well received. I think that I am going to do a larger scale this year and make large baskets wrapped in cellophane in order to bless the homeless in my area.

The idea is to provide them with items they need. A few things I like to put in them are :

Personal Hand Warmers



First Aid Items

Feminine Hygiene Items {For Ladies. This is important.}

A Small Church Pamphlet or Bible Phrase Book

Bus Tickets or Coins

I think above all it is important to think of others this season. It’s easy to look them over and shrug them off, but imagine what they feel when treated less than human?

Have you also thought about contacting a child shelter or orphanage this season and asking what you could do to donate? We have so many stores that sell items for mere dollars. How difficult is it to give up $10 and buy some items to make a child happy this season? Some are in need of food and basic everyday items.

I hope that as we enter this Holiday Season you find it in yourself to help someone. A stranger. But please, above all stay safe. I look forward to hearing anyone’s stories of hope and help through the month of December. Let’s wrap up 2015 in a wonderful way.

{My Week So Far}

IMG_6621 (1)IMG_6622IMG_6591IMG_6598IMG_6604IMG_6610IMG_6597

I finally got to enjoy some time making myself pretty. Despite a day that started off with the oven at 9 AM sharp, I would say I cleaned up pretty good. I enjoyed spending Thanksgiving with my Husband for the third year in a row. We ate far too much which makes me feel a bit guilty for bragging my excess. But I gave it to God and asked that he open my eyes for His plan in my life.

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend, and had a safe time during all of your festivities.

XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac

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3 thoughts on “Exciting Week {November 28th 2015}

  1. Don’t forget socks! One of the biggest non-donated items that are always in high need are socks. Even if you just buy several bags of the largest size, they are definitely widely needed ❤


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