Sweet Baby Cadillac’s Favorite HipHop Artists

It’s not too much of a secret how much I love the art of Hip Hop. I love all genres of music, but growing up;nothing influenced me more than rap. I identify more with intelligent, artistic and classic styles of hip hop. The more modern club and gangster rap is respectable in it’s own right, but not my prefrence.  The scene has vastly increased since my younger years and I have found more artists my age with my morals and humor who are breaking onto the scene with an exciting style. So here is Sweet Baby Cadillac’s favorite Hip Hop artists, why I love them and one of my favorite songs worth mentioning. I hope you decide to give them a listen.

  1. Andre 3000


I have had a crush on Andre Benjamin since my Junior High School years. I feel he is a very conventionally attractive man with intelligence and finesse. His main project most know him by is Outkast where he is a good pair with Big Boi for their amazing years of awards and life anthems.


My Favorite Song:

Hey Ya off of the dual album Speakerboxx /The Love Below which was a showcase of both individual talents that made up the founding of Outkast. This is a very popular song but it’s all Andre and never ceases to make me shake my money maker.

And if you don’t think he’s got skill to rhyme, just read some of his lyrics. Hey Ya may be my one of my favorite songs but it’s not his greatest in my opinion. It’s just super fun.

2. George Watsky


I was introduced to this kid by a really good friend. Yes, He has a lisp, yes he’s skinny and yeah he looks as though he just won a spelling bee. But he’s highly intelligent, amazing at spoken word poetry, rocks at music and is very handsome.

My Favorite Song:

Sloppy Seconds from Cardboard Castles. This really hit me when I heard it because it explains my husband and I so fantastically. Even the music video was very akin to some of our experiences together.


3. Grieves


Watsky and Grieves have a few things in common as far as outward first impressions, but their styles are entirely different. Grieves music has such a rich heavy flow it’s almost intoxicating for me to listen to. R&B And Jazz heavily influence his style.

My Favorite Song:

Heartbreak Hotel

“Ring twice never come in so
People don’t change like time
I’m sticky like the front door’s deadbolt, the side door exit,
Wish I could’ve learned to let go
And if I came knocking on Sunday
Would you wear your white dress for me?
Or would you watch love through the peephole,
Talk through the chain blindfolded so that you never see me
I heard you like picking at wounds girl
Open up and let this one bleed
I never thought that you’d be the scalpel
To open up my doubtful and leave me in the backseat
And if I pull up from the attic
Would you wipe the dust off your dreams?
Or would you buy back what you gave up,
Open up fact to your nature and admit you were human”

He actually sings this and his voice is astonishing for a rap artist. This little excerpt is only a fraction of his talent. But this song got me through some rough times.

4. Atmosphere


Good Ol’ Slug has been around for some time. He’s a staple among the modern underground Hip Hop Community. Some say he’s outdated, but to me, his songs are feel good anthems that relate to life. Just about everyone can relate to his music.


Favorite Song:

Puppets from the album When Life Gives You Lemons

It has such a good beat I can’t help but sway and bob my head. His voice has a rich way of sitting on your ears. Which is funny because when he puts on his Battle Rapper voice, he can incite fear.


5. Dumbfoundead


Korean and absolutely adorable, This guy raps about everything from video games and weed, to his life story and does so with a great vocabulary. He’s pretty good friends with Watsky and I enjoy watching them interact in videos.


Favorite Song:

Love Psycle off Cut+Paste. It’s got a really good beat and some string instrumentals that really attract me. It’s a unique song and he really comes on strong despite it being a fairly obvious love song.


6. Spose


There’s nothing that tops “I’m Awesome.” But Spose has always been out for the hearts of those who are the underdog. And he does a damn good job of it. He’s a fun one to watch perform, his underhanded personal cut downs are funny, but one of his songs which I will mention below brought so many emotions to me that he has risen to my top favorite Artists.

Favorite Song:

Nobody {Feat. Watsky} The fact G Watsky is in this music video and song is just a bonus. I really love the inspiration this song brings. GO WATCH IT NOW IF YOU’RE A HUMAN.


7. Wax


You may be rolling your eyes at all the light skin on this list. But I encourage you to look at the talent. Wax is probably one of the better underground artists who seems confident with himself and his talent shows through with this unabashed confidence. I discovered him through side projects with numerous artists mentioned above. And it will be silly but my favorite song is a collaboration. But I am so glad collabs are a huge things and we aren’t repeating 2 Pac and Biggie History.

Favorite Song:

Medicine off the collab Clockwise with DFD

There’s something about his voice that really gets me. Anyways, This is a cute song. If you’re a gentleman, your lady may really appreciate this song.


8. Nappy Roots


In the times of groups, multiple artists working together, These guys take the cake. Their Southern Charm and culture makes you feel like a part of their group and their generally happy and positive songs are a great thing to pick you up.

Favorite Song:

Po’ Folks from Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz is just from the heart. You can tell exactly what they’re trying to get across with this song. They are the kind of artists that don’t seem to care how much music changes around them. They are going to do their thing regardless.


I hope this list intrigues you enough to look into this talent. There’s so much more music than what I have mentioned so briefly here. I hope that if you do spawn an affection for any of the artists here, you share your favorite song with me in the comments.


Have fun listening!


XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac




4 thoughts on “Sweet Baby Cadillac’s Favorite HipHop Artists

  1. I was surprised to see Grieves on the list. So few people know about him that I get excited when people do. Rhymesayers Entertainment themselves definitely have some wonderful Artists signed to their label.


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