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Merry Christmas


The Holidays crept up on me FAST. Despite having everything done much in time for the festivities and gift giving, I’m still amazed at the fact it is Christmas Day and by Sunday night, all will be over. The tree will remain in place until the first of the year, but for all intensive purposes. Christmas is over. Will I shed a tear? Probably not. I am very ready for 2016 and what this summer is going to bring.

I must apologize for my long overdue absence. I have some big plans in store. Which actually includes the possibility of a web show. If you would like a taste of what that will involve, go follow my Instagram, SweetBabyCadillac as well as my husband Jase_54. I just need to get in the habit of carrying my camera wherever I go.

For now though, I’m going to feature a few outfits and talk a little bit about each until I have a bit more mental capacity to construct something more worth while!



Dress: Lindy Bop

Cardigan: Second Hand No Tag

Beret: Vintage Wool Second Hand No Tag

I have been making it a mission to tight lace 3 out of 7 days in my week. Lately it has been going well. I’m back down to an external 26 inches, and aim to make it to 22 inches by next years end. With my highly labor intensive days and all the lifting I do, I cannot lace every day. Despite this dress having an empire waist, the cardigan hugs enough to be more form fitting than the dress itself.


I absolutely love this dress.

Dress: 80’s does 40’s carpet bag floral dress. No tag. Second Hand.

Gloves: Vintage Estate Sale Navy Silk.

Hat: Vintage millinery hat with ostrich feather and veil. Roughly 1950’s

I had to remove the shoulder pads from this little number. But with a matching belt and just the right amount of stretch, I was in love.



Kissing photo bombs are a result of this little outfit.



Dress: Modern Lace Bridesmaids Dress {Lace “P” Tag}

Earrings: Second Hand Thrift Store

Guilty as charged. Wearing modern clothing to a ballet usually isn’t my preference. But I do not regret wearing this with all the heads I turned.



I decided for a Christmas Party I was going to be an elf. So that I was.

Dress: Thrift Store No Tag

Cardigan: Second Hand American Eagle

Gloves: Vinatge Estate Sale White

Hat: Honestly…No Idea. But it sings and wiggles.


This was my Christmas Eve Outfit.

Blouse: Christina Pussy Bow Second Hand

Cardigan: Recognize it?

Skirt: I have had this forever. It has no tag. Thrift store find.

Hair Piece: Home Made from a silk florists flower.



Christmas Day Outfit

Cardigan: Vintage Garland Made in USA

Skirt: No Tag {I swear.}

Shoes: Impressions


Truth is, I do not buy my clothing for the sake if it is vintage, or brand name. I buy what matches my traditional values and do my best to fashion it to the standards of yesteryear. I do have many vintage dresses and clothing, most of which is estate sale or thrift store finds and most have tags so trashed that I remove them safely.

I hope you all had a safe and blessed Holiday and thank you for taking the time to look.


XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac



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