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A Big Move: Fears and Fantasies

dream home

My husband and I have been wanting to move for a little over two years now. Our master plan has not exactly launched, nor have we done much to set ourselves up for success. It seems more and more that life likes to strike us back a bit. Most tell us that that won’t ever cease. The big thing that I have always wanted ever since I was a little girl was- A Farm. And my Husband desires land and a place to chase his hobbies. It just so happens that both of those ideals coincide extremely well. For a farm, you need land. And when you have land, you have space to do with it as you wish; such as build a giant garage to work on your hot rods.

These dreams get us excited. They make us eager. We ache as we look at homes we aren’t prepared to buy and wish that somehow a miracle could happen and we would wake up to a warm stoked fire, farm fresh eggs and hash browns on the table. But what happens when you’re suddenly thrust into the possibility of moving with no choice in when, or exactly where?

I have decided not to divulge the entirety of the details for privacy of the family, But it just so happens that we are going to have to move much sooner than we thought. And with no money saved, no plans or ideas in place; we’re scrambling around like the dinosaurs as the meteor approaches ever closer. We’re trying our best not to get burned.

I’m not ready to leave my family. This happened much sooner than we had hoped and we have suddenly been put to the task of following an ideal that the (In-Laws) family has had for some time. I love my In-Laws. Probably to a great extent more than the general public, so this is comforting knowing they will be close in tow. But my immediate family is going to stay behind in the town I grew up in. The place that I have known all my life.

I love to travel and I love new adventures, but you always have that small voice that reminds you of all the things you will sacrifice when making any form of decision. This adventure is big, and we are lucky to have such an amazing support system backing us.

It’s definitely not impossible for us to move. We actually have quite a lot of money invested in things that could sell and bring revenue for us to be able to put towards a house. But all the legality of these processes are something we had hoped we need not deal with for some time. I’m dreadfully worried about all the items we must accomplish, and even more frightened of admitting to my grandparents we are leaving them with an empty home.


With all these worries though; comes a bit of excitement.

Moving to an area with more land, the ability for me to fully have my own farm with no one else to work around or care for my animals is such a dream. I can have rescues more widely. Foster and rehab more darling little souls, and most of all, do with the land and home as my husband and I see fit. Mister and I have wanted to escape the city for a long time. Overpopulation and general dysfunction of the populous has given us a rather jaded look towards large populations. Anymore just going to the grocery store gives me anxiety. Living in a more secluded area can give us the peace of mind we desire as well as a feeling of safety.

What We Are Looking For

When faced with the question: what is your dream home? Most people would chatter off an elaborate dictation of what exactly they envision as a life of luxury. We have desires quite the opposite.

We are looking more for the land than the home. A fixer-upper is not beyond us, and actually something we would enjoy so we could make the home more of what we desire. Below is a list of some things we would absolutely love our new home to have.

  • Fire Place or Wood Stove
  • Woods, Tree Lines, Creek
  • Suitable Pasture Area
  • Small and Humble. 2 Bedrooms would be fine.
  • Rustic, antique, or outdated home furnishings or appliances.
  • A wrap around or large front porch.
  • A barn, or outside structure for storage and horses. 1-2 or we could build our own.
  • A Cabin or Old Farm House
  • Dirt Road
  • Long Driveway
  • Close to or surrounded by Park, Nature Preserve, Forest.
  • Hills, particularly a house with a view on a hill.
  • A Pond

We have found many suitable homes that are similar to what we want, But ultimately we know God will provide our place and we trust him to guide us there and provide for all of our needs. All of our animals will be going with us, and so the largest concern of mine is to ensure they are happy, healthy and having their individual needs met. We truly wish to live under our means. Humble and quiet. Hopefully we can merge into being fully self sufficient and have our own food, water and heat sources. But for now, our main concern is moving to a place that has potential and being satisfied with the decision.


Whenever a new situation presents itself, I plan. I write lists and make sure every situation has a contingency. But now, I find myself putting my full faith in The Lord for this to work. God is good and will ultimately provide on his time, which is perfect time. I hope you all will keep us in your prayers during this transition and I will do my best to keep you all updated as things occur. I am so thankful for your friendship and loyalty.


{My Week So Far}

This update is going to cover a little more than the week. After not posting for nearly a month, you all have missed quite a lot of exciting things.

Rain has seemed to pour and pour these past two weeks, leaving the horses with nowhere to go. The flooding has gotten so bad, I have resorted to hand walking and grazing poor Roxy.


At least before we felt the need to build an ark, we had some decent days. The last photo has me considered “Bale Babe of the Month”


Christmas came and went. We found ourselves extremely blessed with our gifts and time spent with family.  I made a few gifts by hand, which I found extremely enjoyable.

All in all, the new year is approaching and I have decided I am going to grow my hair out. My other inspiration is to do my best to also stop biting my nails. Onychophagia is a disorder I have dealt with in severe bouts ever since I can remember.


I dedicate this new year to family, friends, my animals and simply living life as it comes. Thank you all for reading. I pray you are well.

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XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac


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