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History is something that has always fascinated me. Lucky enough I managed to marry a man who is basically just as entrapped by old mysteries as I am. Due to this allure, Mister and I have always been hobbyists in the URBEX Scene. The exploration of abandoned or interesting urban structures. I used to run a blog called Crumbling History, But life got in the way as did other interests and so I deleted it. We still snoop around, careful not to disturb any of the natural habitats, But we have been a little more quiet about it lately.

Disclaimer: Exploring abandoned and dilapidated structures is dangerous. We do this at our own risk and do not advise exploring alone. By doing this, you assume all responsibility and recognize you are ILLEGALLY entering property that is not yours. TAKE NOTHING, LEAVE NOTHNING.


Below I have entered some of my favorite photos with small captions. All photos are my own, do not use or redistribute without consent. If you wish to know the location of any of these places or would like more back story please contact me via comment or the contact page.



One of my favorite places to explore is the Brush Wellman Beryllium Plant. It has been abandoned since the 80’s and has a very tragic back story. Many people lost their lives because of this plant, and it still stands ominous yet crumbling today. Although I hear it is slowly being demolished.


Crooked Wooden Windows inside of Brush Wellman.



A lonely chair in front of some amazing doors at Brush Wellman



Broken Wood Brick Walkway at Brush Wellman


Light peeking through the rubble. Brush Wellman


Peeling paint and window. Cincinnati Warehouse.


More of the Brush Wellman Roof because I loved it so much.


Abandoned Train Depot Cincinnati Ohio.


Outside the abandoned train depot. Cincinnati Ohio.


Front of the Train Depot, Cincinnati Ohio.

I will do more posts like these if it is received well. Thank you for looking, and remember, please never destroy, deface, steal or ruin historical or otherwise property.


XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac


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