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The First Week of 2016: Hopes and Aspirations


I honestly can’t believe I have seen 2016. That is not meant in a way that some may assume; as if perhaps I would have somehow been dead by now. I actually am astonished that the earth has made it to the year 2016. And I am also amazed that my grandparents who were born during the Great Depression have seen all the advances and setbacks that modern time has provided all the way up until this current year.

I do hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable New Year’s Eve, and Day. My husband and I played it safe and stayed home with our closest friends and had a few cocktails in the hot tub. I’m never one to make New Year’s Resolutions, But as most people will agree, It’s hard not to have aspirations for a New Year. My aspirations are things I have been working on throughout most of my life. Two of which are deeply seeded psychological disorders that I will probably battle for the rest of my life.

{Disclaimer: The following paragraph may offend some readers. It has to do with bodily harm and self mutilation. If you choose to scroll past this paragraph you will be safe to read further with no more reference to the topic in depth.}

I have Onychophagia (The Biting, Picking or Destruction of Your Fingernails and or Toe Nails.) This has been a habit of mine ever since I and my family can remember. I fight the urge to destroy my nails daily. I bite and pick at my nails and cuticles. And in private, I cut, clip and peel my toe nails to the extent of bleeding. I get raw infected fingers and toes, and have the worst satisfaction from doing so. I have toned down the destruction of my finger nails in recent years. But my toes still suffer the brunt of the damage. Luckily, I am able to hide my fingers most days with acrylics or gloves. But even then my acrylics suffer chewing and destruction which is even worse for my fingers.

I have made a promise to myself that I will do my best to refrain from damaging my nails, starting with my fingers, (It’s easier as they are seen more) And I have a goal to be able to attend Detroit Autorama in February with at least some form of sculpted growth to my natural nails.

Secondly, I aim to not cut my hair at all this year except for my bangs if I choose. My husband said he prefers me with longer hair, and dark hair, which I agree. So I am doing this for us both.

So from this point forth, I will be doing 2 week interval updates on my hair and nail growth. Support for Onychophagia sufferers and descriptions of how I am coping with the urges of that specific disorder.

On another topic, I have accepted the challenge of The Daniel Fast. 21 days fasting from dairy, sweets, and meat. I already have the dairy and meat down. But the sweets will be hard. I am also fasting alcohol. If anyone wishes for prayer during my fast, or anytime at all, contact me via the contact page and I would be ever so delighted to lift you up in prayer.


{My Week So Far}

 New Year’s was great, We enjoyed cocktails and the hot tub. Despite having the time to ourselves, we did spend it watching 10 dogs all for family members while they were away for New Years. Two of which stayed at our house over the weekend. It involved a lot of driving around.

Dill finally found his Forever Home on New Years Day. The sweet boy was adopted and I had to say my “See You Later’s” after 8 months in my foster care program. He is finally in the hands of someone that will make him #1 for the rest of his days.

I would also like to thank all my readers, and new subscribers. I love knowing that you all enjoy reading what I write. Getting started on a new platform is tough, collecting viewers can also be intimidating, but with your help I can continue to write.

Be safe and may you be blessed.

XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac


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