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Urban Exploration: Fun and Photography Pt.2


I’m back with some more UrbEx and RuralEx Photography for your viewing pleasure. Just remember:

{Unauthorized distribution of these photos is prohibited and punishable by law.}

I just love old farm houses, whether they’re still inhabited or crumbling to the ground. Even in pieces they’re so majestic, and they speak volumes of the people who built their lives inside the old walls.


This place had been wrecked by vandals who were stealing the copper plumbing and wiring. There was even a note spray painted on the wall :

“No More Copper Please Leave”


Old stairs. I love the way they bend at the top, and the gradient and textures of the peeling paint. They were very soft, but we walked up them anyways.


By far one of my favorite images I ever shot. The vines are holding up the door frame which has fallen into the house.



And the last one for today, a lonely old light fixture.


Thank you for looking. Please, If you have any aspirations to explore abandoned buildings, DO NOT VANDALIZE. There are people like you who wish to explore and enjoy these old structures and we don’t want you helping them any more into rubble than what nature already does. Leave Nothing, Take Nothing. Also by entering an abandoned building you acknowledge it is Illegal and you may risk bodily harm. I do not advise you to go Urban Exploring unless you are trained, and in a group as well as know the risks.

If you wish to know any of these locations, Or history behind them, contact me via the contact page or leave a comment.


XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac.


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