Rockabilly: Music and Nothing But

There are so many new genres of music than in the 1950’s. And all of them deserve respect for their own right. But there’s one genre of music that seems to capture my heart. So much so that the very sound of a twangy guitar and crackle of a microphone have my heart yearning. Take me back to 1950. There were legends like Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Elvis. Then the lesser acknowledged Collins Kids and women breaking onto the scene like Charline Arthur, Wanda Jackson and Patsy Cline.

Gaining popularity in country music, Rockabilly was a mix of what they called “Hillbilly” music, country, and the more colored cultural soul music that the African Americans were involved in during the era. It was a way for “White Kids” to have soul. To move and shake, and feel the music. And even more astonishing, Women could find their own little niche in something that was unheard of.

That is why I despise the fashion label as “Rockabilly.” To me, it is a culture yes, but for someone to dress in a swing skirt and striped top with a high ponytail? That is 50’s. Not Rockabilly. Afterall, Lorrie Collins used to wear magnificent outfits during Western Ranch Party in the 1950’s that were cocktail gowns and western fringed dresses reminiscent to a cattle ranching princess. I don’t see “Rockabilly Girls” Even touching her grace and glamour.

Now Rockabilly didn’t rise to fame then as it has now. Widely accepted as “Oldies” or even your grandparents music, During the 50’s Rockabilly was severely frowned upon in most societies. It was considered risque, everything from the outfits, dances to the lyrics. But now, in today’s modern society, it doesn’t even brush the hem of what we consider “risque.”

If you have some time, Go to Youtube and look up “Westen Ranch Party” and give yourself some time to listen to amazing Rockabilly Music, As well as some Country Legends.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy your listening, And I hope you get up and dance!

XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac


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