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Historical Fiction: Sweet Baby Cadillac Talks TV Shows

Many people gather inspiration for vintage fashion through what they see in some of the amazing historical TV dramas out there today. But just how accurate can a 2015-16 rendition of a bygone era be? We can study, we can analyze, we can interview those who actually lived. When it all comes down to it, unless it is a biography, most historical dramas are fiction. Sometimes pulling from past events but never fully being 100% accurate. And I suppose that may be good, because I’m the first to admit, playing a colorful background can really help the electricity of a show. So here are Sweet Baby Cadillac’s top 5 Historical Dramas. Why I like them, and a few I do not suggest wasting your time watching.

#1 Boardwalk Empire

Can I say one word? ASTONISHING! From the historically accurate 1920’s costuming, to the talent cast in each role. This five season HBO specific show had my husband and I reeling for more. I fell in love with characters, I cried and I laughed. Some parts even made me uncomfortable they were so truthful about issues that actually happened in the 1920’s. Chronicling the life of Enoch Thompson (Who actually lived and was a prohibition era gangster by the name of “Enoch Johnson”) BE Follows his life and those who surround him. His successes, failures and everything in between. You may even find yourself in awe when you meet the legendary Al Capone.  If you like Gangsters, Prohibition Era Hoodlums and flashy dames in flapper gowns, I really suggest finding yourself a way to watch this show. It’s available on Amazon Prime. Just know it’s not child safe. So play this after the babes are in bed for the night.


Favorite Character: Richard Harrow


#2 Call The Midwife

This show is beautiful. I will say it’s traditionally targeted for a woman audience, but I can assure you men would really like it too if extremely realistic renditions of childbirth do not make them uncomfortable. Taking place in an impoverished part of England in 1940, This show tells the memoirs of a young midwife and her unexpected yet charming group of friends. The actresses are so skilled, the births are incredibly believable, and it has a good dose of comedy. It’s my second favorite for a reason. This one is on Netflix, so I suggest you start watching it now!

Call the Midwife

Favorite Character: Trixie Franklin


#3 Some of you may hate me for this…. That 70’s Show.

It’s historical. Even if it’s a sitcom, I believe they did a really good job on making this cast and set as believable as aliens in outer space when smoking too much pot. All the seasons are on Netflix, and I promise you will be rolling laughing by the end of the first episode. Most people have seen it, but if it’s been awhile- Watch it again.


Favorite Character: FEZ


Let’s be honest, he’s half the reason I watched the show.

#4 Peaky Blinders

Ok, Hot guys, horses and accents? Yes you have my attention. Throw in some good window panel three piece suits and rough whiskey drinking and I’m having a party. Now, it’s only in it’s first season as a Netflix Original, and it has it’s mistakes. But the drama and imagery make up for the fact they had a car of the wrong era in one scene. It’s inspired by a true story, but much artistic liberty has been taken for this show.

Peaky Blinders-2.jpg


Favorite Character: Freddie Thorne

Peaky Blinders


#5 Land Girls

It’s a tame drama compared to many of the above. But this BBC Original show documents the struggle of Land Girls during the throws of war. I find it to be quite accurate and the story and characters charming.  If you enjoy inspiring female friendships, this may give you a warm fuzzy feeling.


Favorite Character: Bea Finch



And one Historical Drama I do not suggest watching?


I barely made it through the first two episodes. The cinematography is rough, the stories unrealistic and overplayed. You can tell they’re trying to sell the Rosie Riveter ideal to young women and inspire them. But it’s just bad. Bad I say!


I hope you take a chance and watch some of these amazing shows. Let me know what you think!


XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac







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