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Capes, Capes and Capes.


I love capes. I love vintage. So naturally the best kind of cape, is a vintage cape!

While helping out at a flea market over the weekend, I weasled on over to my favorite vintage clothing dealer Natalie. To my dismay she had no dresses. Which I suppose was good because I had already been told by my husband, no more clothes until we move. I have two closets and a rack full, So I guess he is going to win that argument.

I did though spy this beautiful 1950’s wool cape in this gorgeous brown and yellow plaid. I asked her the price, she gave me a wink and replied most generously that she would discount it for me.

I suddenly remembered, I had a three piece Jantzen swimsuit that didn’t fit me in immaculate condition. I offered the aspect of a trade, and she accepted. We wouldn’t go about telling the husband. I NEEDED THAT CAPE!

The next day she agreed to trade, and I had purposely worn a dress that accented it well. I pranced around in that cape all day. My husband smiled, called me pretty and that was that. Sometimes it’s good to be charming in his eyes.

Do any of you enjoy vintage winter wear? If so I would love to hear about it!

XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac



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