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Fighting Fatigue: A Housewife’s Demise


Chronic Fatigue is a term for a medical issue which involves the bearer to have a constant feeling of exhaustion. For some it is mental, and some physical. For me and many others, it is both. I know many home makers who suffer with chronic fatigue. My own is due to an underlying reproductive disorder. Your own home may be more forgiving of your C.F. than working outside the home, but we still recognize that things HAVE to get done.

What are some ways you can help Chronic Fatigue? Well to be honest, some days you simply can’t. It takes a lot of learning what your body needs to get going, and the results are different for everyone. I am not a medical professional, and my methods are not to be used in place of your physicians opinion, but here are some less invasive manners I use to help overcome C.F.

  • First thing in the morning, I turn the brightness of my phone way up and scroll through instagram. The back lighting on my phone helps my brain wake up, and the occasional funny photo or video helps stimulate my awareness.
  • Morning Devotionals. I start my day off with God. He is the keeper of my soul and can help me through anything. If you pray, ask God to help you stay alert and focused.
  • Tea or Coffee. Throughout the day I drink caffeine. It doesn’t always have the desired effect, but sometimes, sitting down for a tea break helps me reassemble my mind and get back in the game.
  • Keep the house colder. I turn down my thermostat 5 degrees if I really need a boost. If you’re not like me and fall asleep best when warm, try turning it up. A change in temperature is proven to help drowsiness.
  • B12. I get B12 supplements in powder form and add them to smoothies and even water. You have to take these daily to see true results.
  • Stay Hydrated. I can’t stress hydration enough. Your body needs water.
  • Eat less carbs and dairy. Clean foods help boost metabolism and energy.
  • Always do your hair and makeup. If you’re a spoonie, this may take too many spoons to complete this task. But for some it can really help motivate you in the morning to push past Fatigue.

Does anyone else have insight in ways they try to fight Chronic Fatigue? If so I would love to hear them! Thank you for reading and have a swell day!

XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac


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