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Meeting Your Husband’s Needs: The need to be understood.


Both men and women have needs, and when you enter into marriage, you both will have needs that are far different from each other. We talk all day long about how our men, our husbands and even boyfriends don’t indulge us in our passions. What have you done lately to indulge him in his?

I love old hot rods. I love the style, the historical value and the culture. But there is one thing I do not like… Working on them. My husband is a garage wizard. He can do things and speak a language that leaves me more confused than when I thought I learned something. We often joke that his second language is “Car”. Because this is such a big part of his life and passions, I try to understand it. Despite the fact the garage is the last place I want to be most days, I try hard to learn, help and understand his favorite environment.

Would you believe me that my husband willingly goes shopping with me? He sits on a bench by the dressing rooms and gives his opinions on how each outfit I try on makes me look. And you know what? I trust him. Because I understand and indulge in his interests, it gives him an incentive to do the same. And would you believe he asks my opinions when it comes to certain car related things?

We  have found a way to indulge and honor one another’s passions. And they meet up in the middle quite well. We will always have our own hobbies and passions, but learning and understanding one another’s drive behind them can give your marriage or relationship a strong and deep bond.


“Mister: Do you want gloves so you don’t ruin your nails?”

What a sweetie.

XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac


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