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Most Men Need a Trophy Wife

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This is a heated statement. I know exactly what you may be thinking. I do however, encourage you to read further. Please understand I speak only for a basis of traditionalist men, and there are exceptions to everything. But if you feel as though you associate with this, then I would be pleased to hear your thoughts below in the comments.

First and foremost, your husband, boyfriend or fiance’ chose you as his partner because he finds you beautiful, attractive and feels that you match him well. The stereotype of beauty is NOT the basis of this post. With that out of the way, I want to ask you how often your husband takes you out in public?

How many of those outings do you put effort into your appearances and do your best to be well groomed, dressed and attractive? If you reply 9 out of ten times, I am so very happy for you.

90% of the traditionalist men I know prefer their wives to take great pride in their appearances. They have openly replied that when their lady garners positive attention from her looks, it makes him feel proud to have her as his mate. When we go back to the basics of hormones, and the courtship processes, Women will choose men who they find handsome, who can provide for a family and seem to have genuinely positive alpha characteristics. This in turn goes for men. They most often will choose a traditionally feminine lady, who has a maternal or caring attitude and takes time and attention to assure her beauty longevity.

If you are a traditionalist like myself, making your Mister proud is something you take into high account of your daily routine. There is no shame asking your husband if he prefers you in heels, pearls and a dress when he comes home, or if he is fine with just jeans, a pretty blouse and lipgloss. I spend much of my time during the week without fancy clothes and makeup. This is because I spend 50% of my week in a barn with animals. I make note that when we go out, I will look my best. And I truly believe that helps keep the fire ignited in our relationship.

For men with egos, it is important we acknowledge and at times help stroke that ego.  For men who have high sex drives, the appearance of a beautiful wife is something that helps him feel accomplished. If you’re rolling your eyes, ask your husband in all honesty if he feels this way, and if he says yes, do not invalidate him for his feelings.

Most traditionalist women have desires to feel safe, taken care of and have stimulating conversation. Men, they enjoy companionship, sex and a beautiful wife. It is very possible for a woman whom a man found at one time beautiful, to allow herself to slip along the stress of life and a family. I encourage you to seek whatever means necessary to gain a level of attractiveness you and your husband can both agree on.

I hope that I offend no one in this post, and if I have then I apologize. This is simply aimed at a target audience for women who follow a traditionalist gender role lifestyle and identify with these statements. It doesn’t hurt to discuss these ideas with your partner and see how they feel about them. If it helps you grow closer, then I would love to hear about it.

Have a great week, Darlings!

XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac


3 thoughts on “Most Men Need a Trophy Wife

  1. Amen, Elsie! I absolutely could not agree more; part of being Feminine and Traditionalist means (and will always mean) putting effort into your looks regardless of your style.


  2. It really saddens me to hear stories about how relationships and marriages suffer because the woman “let herself go” I mean: we all have our days but would you as a woman like your husband to go around un groomed, stinky and wearing clothes with grease stains and holes in them? Probably not. And most men don’t. I acknowledge our routines on average take more time than theirs which is why I mention figuring out a routine that works for both of you! It’s something I see too often and women usually get offended when I offer this as a tip to re ignite a flame into a dead marriage.

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