Stress: More Equine Issues


I have been very slim on internet presence this past half week. I apologize for that. Among business taxes, my husband’s trip coming up and a huge estate sale; My horse Roxanne has injured her leg. Her knee has been the size of a softball going on four days. I have done everything from epsom salt, cold compress and poultice, to calling the vet and him prescribing DMSO and antibiotics. I’m trying my best to avoid cellulitis. My mornings consist of waking up, going out to the barn, cold packing her leg, cleaning out her feet and rubbing iodine into her hoof, changing gloves, DMSO’ing her leg, then buting her. Then, preparing her food with 15 crushed tucoprim pills. I do her stall, and the others. Then, I go to check on grandmother while my aunt and uncle are out of town, then go home to do my housework duties. I really can’t wait to buy a house so that we can stop traveling so much. I’ve also been suffering from an ongoing sinus infection.

God is keeping his promise and seeing me through, but this morning I’m taking a few minutes to get down on my knees and rest in his presence. I really need it.

Hoping you all have a great stress free week.

XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac



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