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Let’s Talk About Clothes.


90% of vintage blogs are based around fashion and decor versus lifestyle. If I honestly had to pick mere decorations over morale, I believe I would choose the latter. Clothes; as much as I love them, do not mean nearly as much as the principles and the way people lived during the 40’s and 50’s. I do my best to have the way I dress only reflect a small fraction of how I live my life. I strive to be the best mid century woman and wife, far beyond the bullet bras and petticoats. (Side Note: I can’t wear bullet bras. Hah.)

But when it does come to the topic of mid century fashion, I have been in love with it since high school. I’m what most refer to as a “purist.” And that’s putting it nicely. I once got into an argument with someone because I stated that I highly dislike most modern reproduction dresses because of the childlike patterns and over the top colorways.

This is to say, I do like some reproduction. And most are actually not intended to be reproductions. I tend to choose my clothes for the cuts and styles of yesteryear and if an item isn’t truly vintage, if it’s hard to tell, I would consider it so anyways. Being that I spend a lot of time in the barn, I tend to wear modern clothes in this environment. To be honest, you probably wouldn’t recognize me. I feel that this does not make me any less of a vintage lifestyle enthusiast than the next.

FullSizeRender (14)

Would you believe that it seems to be just so? If you do not post an “OOTD” almost daily of some form of vintage inspired outfit, you tend to get passed up. You have to fit this “pin-up” mold that has been dictated by women in order to become popular in this niche. And in my opinion, it all seems to revolve around what you wear.

I don’t need to be popular. I’m not doing this to become the next Dita or Cherry Doll-Face. I am doing this to get my life out there to inspire young women who feel intimidated by feminism to live as a housewife if they want to. I also want to show millennials that the life your {Great} grandparents lived was special, beautiful and humble.

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