How I Make My Own Sweet Iced Tea


What You Need:

1 Glass Bottle or Jar at least 1 quart.

3 Tea Bags {My husband likes Lipton best for iced tea.}

4 TBSP Sugar

A Funnel

A Tea Kettle or pan

A piece of tape

Take your clean jar or bottle and fill it with water. Pour the water from your bottle into your kettle or pan. Heat your water until just under boiling point. Between 190-210*F You may use a candy thermometer if you need.

While waiting for the water to get hot, tuck three tea bags into the bottle and tape the strings on the outside so they do not fall inside. Use your funnel and dump your 4 TBSP of sugar into the bottom of the bottle.

When your water is to temperature, pour it into the bottle using the funnel. Leave your tea bags in for 3-5 minutes then remove. Do not keep them in your tea, it will make your tea bitter. Let your bottle cool for a half hour before capping and putting it in the fridge.

When ready to serve, pour over ice or drink alone.

Lemon Optional.

I hope you enjoy this little bit, I was inspired to write it after seeing a man at the grocery store spend a lot of money on pre made iced tea. It’s so much cheaper to make it yourself. And it tastes better!

XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac




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