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Getting Time Away: Vacationing as individuals

Vacationing together when you’re married is absolutely necessary. It brings husband and wife together as you experience the world and the pleasures of life as one. It helps you grow, learn about one another, and grow deeper in your bond. Just as you may be planning vacations as a couple, it is doubly as important to realize vacationing or going on trips without each other is fundamental. It helps with trust, feelings of love, as well as potentially helping sexual intimacy when your spouse returns. I know many couples who feel it is not common practice to vacation or go on trips without the other. In my opinion, it gives a sense of insecurity, mistrust and general inability to function without your spouse. All of these are negative things and can damage a relationship if allowed to take fruit.

My husband and I love adventuring together. Road trips are our thing, what we are known for. But there is one trip my husband takes once a year to which I gladly stay home. He and a few friends take their snowmobiles up into Michigan and spend the week riding the trails. It is good for him to be able to have male support and companionship, just as it is important for me to have female friendship outside of my marriage. I trust him fully, this is his way of unwinding with his friends which is a major component of his happiness.

He calls me when he wakes up, before he hits the trails and sends me photos throughout the day. I miss him deeply, and sometimes wish he hadn’t gone. But that is healthy. I will always recognize how lucky I am to have him, but times like this when he is away and our time speaking is scarce, it makes me even more grateful.

Part of being a good wife is to allow your husband room to breathe, give him freedom, and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised at the new levels your relationship and marriage reach.

As a  disclaimer, no good Christian man, or woman would go without their spouse with a member of the opposite sex to be alone. So please do not open yourself to the enemy in such a way.

Happy Trail Riding, Mister. Can’t wait until you get home!

XOXO Sweet Baby CadillacIMG_7947IMG_7962IMG_7965IMG_7997


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