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Thrift Store Adventures


When President’s day rolls around and you’re faced with a 50% off discount on already amazing prices, you go and get a butt load of clothes for half price.

I have always loved second hand clothes. A lot of people prefer the brand new, fresh off the rack items. I simply cannot justify paying full price for something that most likely doesn’t have the craftsmanship to withstand the abuse I will put it through. People always ask me “where on earth do you find your amazing clothes?” Simple, I know how to shop second hand.

I’m amazed there’s not yet a sizeably recognized Christian Sub-Religion based off Animism. If there was, I would identify with it very hastily. My reason for buying second hand is because I feel almost everything has feelings. A spirit or energy if you will. Before you go writing me off as a wack job, let me just say this. I would rather wear a dress that some woman had her best memories in, then a mass produced brand new garment that hasn’t yet been broken in. When I see a dress that a woman had in her closet get thrown away upon her death, something in me mourns. It’s much like this for almost all things. Cars, stuffed animals, plants and even books. I have always felt an attachment to once loved and discarded items. Maybe this is why half my closet is full of the clothes of dead women.

I feel happy when I adorn an evening gown that I know her husband loved most. And I feel just as professional in the suit that got her that teaching job. All I am saying, is each article of clothing I own has a dearly loved story and has seen more things than it can ever say. These reasons are why I thrift, and do not spend hundreds on repops.

Do you enjoy second hand clothing? Do you have a favorite outfit? Tell me about it below!

XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac


One thought on “Thrift Store Adventures

  1. Just a slight note: animism is the theological worldview that all organic things (rocks, stones, plants, people, animals) have a soul. Dresses and thing like that aren’t included in that- but there are theories unrelated to animism that says that spirits (different than the soul) can inhabit something, and abilities such as psychometry exist where one is able to tell the past of an item through touch. Sometimes this includes the memories of those who owned or wore the items 😉


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