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A Week Off: Autorama 2016


It’s been a ridiculous week. And I know I haven’t posted in quite some time. So, for my first post in a few weeks, nothing could be better than photos and stories from Detroit Autorama 2016.

It’s the start of the car show season. Taking place in the last few weeks of winter, people from all over make the long haul in sleet rain or snow to show their classics and customs at Cobo Hall in Detroit. The basement houses the rebels. Autorama Extreme. Hotrods and customs with a bit more of a radical twist. I have been up to Autorama every year my husband and I have been together. This year was great like all the others. I missed a few friends, but did get to hang out with Beef. He had his amazing hand built chopper up there, and let’s say I was impressed at the craftsmanship.


I wore a pale banana yellow 1940’s cotton summer dress. My antique lovebirds brooch and my 1950’s wool cape. It attracted a lot of attention among all the repop dresses and over the top carnival-esque “vintage- pinups.” I even got attacked for 20 minutes by photographers who thought I was in the pin-up contest. They took so many photos I started sweating with the demands. When they discovered I wasn’t there for the title of Miss Autorama 2016, they were surprised, asked for more photos and finally I had to politely ask them to stop. A few more people asked for photos with their cars and I, And even a few motorcycles.


My favorite car was this 1953 Caddy. Of course. It matched me marvelously, and the owner was delighted at how well I looked with it.

A few other cars of note were as follows, Duesenberg, a Chrysler, and this awesome roadster in the prettiest blue I have ever seen.


Thank you to everyone I met at Autorama. I had a great time. I hope anyone who made it also enjoyed their time.

XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac




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