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What’s being fit have to do with being a housewife?

I have always taken pride in being a very active and physically strong individual. I worked on a horse farm for two years and took care of 30 horses. Throwing hay, cleaning stalls and all the in between. Since becoming a stay at home wife, I have noticed some changes in my physical strength, my endurance and range of motion. I decided it was time to do something about it. With my horse being on holiday due to an injury, I made it a point to join a gym. This post is not suppose to be a “fat shaming” pro “thin-fit” post. But more so talking about why it should be important for stay at home wives and mothers to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Health and fitness is different for everyone. I have seen women at the gym, five sizes larger than me who can run a mile better than I can. So this is not meant to tell all house wives and home makers they must be a size 2. It is to talk about the true importance of making sure you can preform at a level that makes your job as a house wife and home maker easier. Let’s be honest, scrubbing the grout in the tile of your bathroom can burn just as many calories as a 10-25 minute gym workout.


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Let’s think hard a moment, When was the last time you injured yourself cleaning, gardening or doing some other form of domesticated chore. I can think of countless occasions which have thrown out my back, caused strain, sore muscles and fatigue. Now imagine if you could spend time being physically active in ways that may benefit you and make these tasks easier. Is it worth it? Yes. For some this means a trip to the gym, a run with your dog, or hiking with friends. Being active, using your muscles and progressing your bodies natural limits is healthy for not just housework, but so many other things.

My gym time, horseback riding and walking is a time for me to decompress. It becomes my me time. I know I have a bad habit of being very overkill in things I set my mind to, So figuring out a level of dedication that works for your schedule is imperative. For women with busy schedules, children and maybe even a part time job, something as simple as taking the stairs, going for a walk on your lunch break or biking to a destination that does not require a car can help your stamina for later events.

I can honestly say in all the times I have thrown my back out simply scrubbing the tub, Starting a daily exercise schedule has greatly helped. I have been sore, but as it gets easier, so have all my household chores. Another benefit is endorphin release. I feel better, have a better will to do my chores and a fresher outlook on my day.

With today’s saturated fats and additives in food, it’s going to become harder to stay active, healthy and fit. I feel that many people would agree it’s best to start filling your life with the right choices before it’s too late. There’s no need to work yourself raw with simple tasks when you can make your life easier by staying active and working out.

Thank you for reading. Do you have any daily tasks you feel may benefit from being more active and working out? If so I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac



2 thoughts on “What’s being fit have to do with being a housewife?

  1. Great post! I started doing ballet at home not too long ago, and I’ve already noticed a difference when I’m doing chores. I think mostly I’m more aware of my posture and the way I move, so I hurt my back less when cleaning and whatnot. And as you said, endorphins definitely help you get more things done!


    1. Thank you so much, I am happy to know you relate. Ballet is beautiful. I don’t have the control or grace. I know that when I’m feeling fatigued, if I can push myself to ride my horse or go to the gym- afterwards I feel refreshed. Thank you for
      your comment.


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