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My Skin Care Items.


Every traditionalist woman has a face and skincare routine that works best for her. Products that compliment her skin and make her feel as though she glows the very best way possible. I have been using makeup since the age of 12, and always had problem acne prone skin. As I reached my twenties, I started to experiment more as I started making my own money and could make more choices based on the price and what worked best for me. The items I use will be different for every woman, but for the traditionalist housewife who works based on her husband’s income, it might be said that you need a face care routine that doesn’t cost hundreds. If you respect your pocket book and still want to feel glamorous, maybe try a few of my favorite products, but I am not an esthnitician and therefore cannot recommend anything with an education to back my theories. Try any of these items at your own risk and in good faith.

My Daily Cleansing Routine:

I have used products like Proactive Solutions to Kiss My Face and regular Bar Soap to get my skin clean and ready for bed or make up application. In all my searching, I found that Burts Bees Creme cleanser, Day Lotion and Night Creme has helped my skin and complexion more than anything I have used. It’s reasonably priced and I don’t have to order it online (I dread ordering things via the internet.) I use a pair of scrubbie gloves twice a week to exfoliate gently, but usually just wash my face with my hands in the morning before makeup, and either before the gym (Please don’t work out with makeup on…It’s bad for your skin.) or at night to remove old makeup. I follow with the respective lotion.


If I said there’s a makeup line completely made in America, Never Tested on Animals, was fairly inexpensive and you could purchase it locally, would you believe me? Not every woman has a local Sephora store. And they only have time and funds to visit the grocery store. If this sounds like you, and you still have a desire to look fabulous with these great pros in tow- FLOWER Beauty by Drew Barrymore sounds like a perfect match. Did I say Drew? Yes I did. She recently launched a makeup line. I was sold when I found out that it would be sold at a local store exclusively and that it had the plus of being cruelty free. I went and bought a total face line of products. After using it, I was hooked. I use the BB creme as foundation, it has superb coverage. I finish my face with the loose powder that comes in a glamorous white and gold case. I don’t throw them out the quality is so great. Her brow kits are amazing, and her matte lipstick is so rich and creamy it’s a dream. For the price you pay, This is a great busy mom- or housewife makeup working on her husband’s budget. Heck it’s good for everyone. I wore her liquid eyeliner once and to test it’s durability, didn’t wash it for three days. It really lasts. The only negative, It’s a Walmart exclusive. I don’t particularly agree with Walmart, but they do tend to be everywhere so convenience is good.

FullSizeRender (14)

If you have any questions about the above products, feel free to contact me in the comments or via my contact page.

XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac


3 thoughts on “My Skin Care Items.

  1. Great post! It’s a shame we don’t have Walmart where I live, because I just looked up that Drew Barrymore makeup line and it looks lovely. I’m with you on the Burts Bees products though, they work like a dream!

    One of the things I swear by is using cold cream to take my makeup off. My mum, grandma and even great-grandma used it (so we’re talking all the way back to the 1920s!), and all of them had/have such nice skin. It also feels a lot nicer than having to scrub my face with makeup remover wipes…I hate those things. Also I remember once reading that the actress Greer Garson used to use sweet almond oil under her eyes as a substitute for eye cream in the 1950s, and after trying it I found out that surprisingly it works! Gets rid of dry skin and dark circles without causing break outs. 🙂

    One last thing, I was just wondering what’s your opinion on Lush’s skincare products?


    1. I personally have not used Lush, one because I hate shopping on the Internet and two because I don’t have a distributor close to me. I cannot really say anything about something I haven’t personally tried. But if you would be interested in a review post I may try some of their bath products.

      I love your insight on the Cold Cream. My mom used it on me for my dry skin as a child. I may have to get back into the habit. Thank you!


      1. Ah I see, that makes sense. Yes I’d definitely be interested in a review post! There’s a few of their products I really like – I actually only orginally went into lush because the contraceptive implant had wrecked my skin and I was at a loss for skincare products that wouldn’t make it worse, and was pleasantly surprised. If you want any recommendations on their products let me know! 🙂


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