Sarcasm Saturday #002

I am so distressed. It seems that I have lost my ability to take the bus to the grocer. I would never dare drive. It offends my husband’s masculinity. Therefore, I now must find it within myself to ride a bicycle in 3 petticoats and heels just to buy milk. I am going to have to take a 3 hour nap in my feathered dressing gown and mules with the windows open so that the sun shines upon my perfect complexion showing just how distressful my plight of existence is. Of course, just before my Husband returns home, I must scrub the floor so that he cannot spy the small specs of dirt from yesterday in the grout. I managed to baste the roast at each subsequent interval so that it did not dry out. I suppose since that is all my life consists of, I lead a very accomplished existence.



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