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My View on the Practicality of Vintage Clothes

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I am so glad to have met Anna, The author over at A Sweet and Delicate Thing. She has been chronicling her wardrobe swap from modern to mostly Vintage. I admire her for taking the time to speak on each part of her transition. I myself have had a vintage wardrobe since High school, before blogging and social media was popular. I find it amusing I never wore it though, it was as if my vintage clothes were to be admired but not worn.

Anyways, in her latest post which you can find {Here} Anna speaks on a topic that I feel is so very important. And I’m so glad she decided to touch on this point.

Do Not Get Rid Of All Your Modern Clothing

There are a swarm of elitist vintage people in the world who wear their pre 1960’s garments daily, and I have even been called one of these purists. But there’s just something to be said about women who live in the Big Apple and work an office job versus a country girl who has to muck stalls in -14 degrees.

I love the form, support and feel of actual antique vintage clothing. If I could wear it every day I would. But there’s two facts I would like to point out that follows the hazards of daily wear of non-repro vintage clothing. Most vintage clothing cannot be machine washed. Which means if it gets dirty, it has to go to a dry cleaner or be hand laundered. Have you ever hand laundered clothes? It is so very time consuming. The second FACT is that the more you launder actual non-repro vintage clothing, the more damage you do to the garments fibers and structure. They’re old, and you know what happens to cold clothes that get wet, scrubbed around, dried and repeated on a later basis? They start to wear and fall apart. I rarely launder my vintage clothes. Maybe once a month. After I wear them, they find themselves right back on the hanger they came off of. I will hand launder stains and pit areas as I see fit, but the whole garment rarely sees a full detergent wash and hang dry.

For the love of all that is holy, never machine wash anything non-repro vintage. They did not have the technology of modern clothing washers that we do today, and the clothes of past decades cannot stand up to the bully of an agitator and tumble dry.

I do know some women who will wear repro when their wardrobe calls for a modern substitute, but in my opinion, that is modern clothing. It as made in modern times. Vintage inspired clothes are making a HUGE comeback now, so what is made in modern times will be modern. So if you want to wear Pin Up Girl Pedal Pushers to hike in, go right ahead,  they’re comfortable enough, but far too expensive for my tastes. I’ll stick to thrift store jeans for my outdoor adventures.

XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac



7 thoughts on “My View on the Practicality of Vintage Clothes

  1. Some places of work find anything retro to be almost costume in theme and not the image they want to project to their customers and people they do business with. You have to find balance I would think.


    1. I actually have found that a lot of office places prefer vintage repro or vintage inspired clothing. It’s clean lined and very modest and classy. Now, wearing a polka dot swing skirt with a bright red petticoat and halter neck crop top…Maybe not. Haha. Thank you for your insight, Tony.

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  2. You are inspiring me to hang on to my clothes…and to incorporate a bit more fun into my daily wardrobe. I tend toward the classics but mixing it up is a great idea. Fun and informative post.


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