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Lead Foot Friday 001

Since our new video series on Youtube is going to be centered mostly around the moto-mayhem that revolves around our lives, I am going to feature Lead Foot Friday posts here on the blog. I will start by featuring some updates on cars or trucks that need updating from {The Garage} and hopefully start featuring some things that are more client based. So for our first Lead Foot Friday:

{The 1992 GMC Sonoma.}

Or, Project Nasty Noma.

FullSizeRender (13)

{Original Content}

I have only rode in this truck once since the beginning of my husband and I’s relationship. To me, that is funny because he always states it’s his favorite vehicle. Since summer of two years ago, the dear Noma has been torn down and undergoing an overhaul. Project Nasty Noma began. She now sports a 4.8 LS Engine with LS1 Heads and Cam. Steel Head Gaskets and PAC Valve Springs accompany a Garrett 96/1.29 AR Turbo.

This number will be on my list of “only ride in when Mister promises to behave.”

Keep up to date on the build. Check back often. Also, keep up to date on his instagram:



All the hot side is now heat wrapped, which was a rather tedious job being that I had to hold and turn each piece. It has been installed, and he has started work on the inter cooler plumbing. Some time was spent tidying up some loose ends on the wiring harness. There’s still some fairly large ticket items that need bought. So this may take awhile while saving to buy a house.

The list of things that still need done seems endless, but here’s a small idea.

  • Fuel Lines
  • Transmission Lines
  • Transmission Cooler
  • Drive Shaft
  • Injectors
  • Mount Battery In Truck Bed
  • Install Battery Cables

Thanks For Reading

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