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Lead Foot Friday 003

What is one thing that Ohio does not have? Deserts. So why would an Ohio native who lives in a farming town build a Prerunner Truck? Because they’re badass and turn a lot of heads.

{2001 Chevy Silverado Prerunner AKA The Silvy}


Bought in the spring of 2012 as a salvage, totaled due to an animal strike, The silverado was put back together with a new front clip.  When Jase first went to look at the truck, he went out with his father. Deciding to buy the truck, it was made mention he would be back that friday to tow it home from Detroit. Jase’s Father, Joe decided to put a bug in his ear, and suggested buying a radiator and transmission cooler, slap that on the truck and just drive it home. Following his Dad’s ingenious idea, he returned the following day with his brother, and two friends. After receiving odd looks from the lot owner, the boys had the truck running, and drove it off the lot. To their dismay, they discovered a few mere miles from where it sat that the transmission only had first and second gear. Which wouldn’t normally be an issue except the fact they were an hour and some minutes from home. Never the less they made it back.

After passing inspection, a new set of wheels and tires were put on, and it underwent a 4 inch front end lift.

The original intent  for the truck was to turn it into a Prerunner, but it would take a few years due to the price of the fiberglass body panels.

The panels are now installed, and larger tires are on the truck currently. He has hopes to install long travel suspension and coil overs as well as  new 4.56 gears.

Hopefuly in the future, there will be funds to paint it. Ha.




And Current.IMG_0933

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