Sarcasm Saturday

Sarcasm Saturday 006


There’s one thing I really enjoy doing. It gives me a refreshing outlook. I am able to focus on the task at hand, and make someone feel good in the process. This very task is, Yes, you guessed it. Making my husband a sandwich. The repetitive nature of piecing together this puzzle time and time again gives me inner peace and satisfaction. The goal of making my husband happy, serving him and pleasing him is something that truly gives my life purpose. Of course, I must wear my best apron, because when I do so, the sandwich has a higher quality. My husband always knows if I am barefoot, or perched in perfect heels. He can taste it in the folds of the bread.

I take the time to ensure an olive is pierced perfectly on a cocktail pick and stuck into the sandwich. It’s also good nature to grab him a beer, being sure to uncap it. He cannot be bothered to do such a difficult task on his days off.


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