Fifteen Things Every Housewife Should Have In Her Kitchen


The Kitchen, a place of creativity for most modern and traditional housewives. Despite currently renting our home, my kitchen is still a large part of me, and where I enjoy spending my time. It is not decorated, adorned or arranged as I would like, due to the limitations of having to abide by the lease regulations. I will say when I have and own my own home (Soon if all goes as planned.) My Kitchen will definitely be an extension of my being.  Hopefully looking something akin to the photograph above.

Every woman’s techniques, tools and ways of doing things are different. So this list is NOT an all encompassing entity in which I believe all house wives should abide. IT IS, however, a list to which some women just getting into the domesticated lifestyle may be able to start, and hopefully develop their own list of favorites.

So let us press onward.

{Sweet Baby Cadillacs 15 Favorite Kitchen Related Items}

  1. cakemixer

Multi Speed, Tilt Head Cake Mixer.

For some reason, I feel as though these mixers add to the charm of a kitchen. I own a vintage 1950 chrome and white Hamilton Beach Mixer. It was given to me as a gift from my husband. It works flawlessly despite being older than both of us combined.


Large Wooden Cutting Board

These large wooden cutting boards are invaluable in my opinion. I picked mine up from a garage sale almost 7 years ago now. I keep it oiled to prevent it soaking up any leakage from foods but use it mostly for rolling out pie crusts and kneading bread dough.

3. 41LBhTmRnRL._SL500_AA300_

The Infamous Slap Chop

My chopper is from Pampered Chef. I love this thing. If I need to dice tomatoes and keep my sanity, this wonder is to be praised. It also minces garlic like a dream, no more sticky knives and fingers.


A Pre 1980’s Blender

You may roll your eyes about me being so specific on the decade… But I am going to be so truthful. In all my blender owning years, no blender has performed better, lasted longer or been more durable than a chrome and glass blender pre 1980. They are still available in many second hand or antique stores.


Flour, Sugar ETC. Tins

It is so darn handy to have your flour, sugar, coffee, tea and spices out at an arms reach. They look better than the bags and packages your condiments come in, and there’s so many available to match your kitchen decor. These look great sitting on your counter, and you don’t have to rustle through your cupboards.


Menu Board

I am amazed at the lack of menu boards I find in people’s homes. And I just don’t know how they grocery shop without one. Planning my meals weekly helps me shop for what I need and not overspend on groceries.

7.fruit basket

Hanging Fruit Basket

This comes from a nostalgic standpoint. My mother always had one in her kitchen. They are so handy if you do not refrigerate your produce. And if it is in direct sight, it helps remind you to eat more fruit.

8.cup tree

Coffee Cup Tree

I have a select few favorite coffee and tea mugs. I use my coffee cup tree to keep them close at hand, and display my novelty mugs. It also saves some space in my cupboard since it’s hard to stack mugs.

9.pots and pans

Pot and Pan Rack

I don’t currently have one, but I am envious of those that do. My land lord doesn’t want us bolting anything to the cabinets where we have space for one. But hanging pots and pans like this is a space saver. If you wonder what to do with lids, I have seen them set on top, or if they have an open handle, slide it over the pan handle.


Cast Iron Skillet

I cook just about everything in my skillet. I love it. If you do not use or have one of these, you need to get with the program.


Cook Book Shelf

Your cook books are the saints of your kitchen. They should not be kept in a cupboard. Keep them hands by getting a proper shelf just for your recipe books.


Tea Kettle

Even if you do not drink tea, a tea kettle is great for hot water. Sometimes you need it for a hot compress, sometimes for ramen instant lunches. These are a lifesaver if you hate microwaves like I do.

13.apron rack

Apron Rack

No one likes a wrinkled apron, not to mention they’re such charming little garments they should be seen. Do not keep an apron stuffed in a drawer or cupboard. Find a way to hang them up.


Cookie Cutters

I get asked often to borrow my cookie cutters, and rarely do they come back to me. It’s good fortune to have your own, because someday, you will want to bake novelty shaped iced cookies. And then you can.


Cheese Graters

They don’t just grate cheese. They can shred nuts, citrus skins, and many other things. It’s imperative to have a good set of graters for just about everything.

I hope this list helps some ladies who have trouble building their dream kitchen. I did my best to keep the items non-obvious as most people with common sense know about refrigerators and stoves.

Thank you for reading!

XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac


4 thoughts on “Fifteen Things Every Housewife Should Have In Her Kitchen

  1. I LOVE this! The apron rack especially is genius – I’m obsessed with making aprons so I’ve currently got more than I know what to do with, so I definitely need some method of storing them!


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