Trading Tattooing Part 4


{Intended for mature audiences. Parts 1,2,3 are linked at the bottom of the page.}

Every day, I aim to live my life for the Lord. I do my best to spread the gospel, rest in His presence, pray and love. It is such a contrast from the girl I was under a decade ago. I’m not a perfect Christian, but I strive to do what The Lord wills of me, for me and my family. This means I rid myself of the chaff from my past life. I give away my sinful nature (Although I am still sinful.) and I live by the Bible and it’s standards.

In just one year I went from a tattoo artist, cussing, smoking and drinking; to a Christian Traditionalist Housewife, cleaning, cooking and ministering to my family. My life has drastically changed, I will agree with that. But who I am still stays relatively unaltered at my core. I have learned that God created me for a purpose, special and unique. So this person you see represented on the blog, is the same person who was doing drugs and sleeping around some years back, God can save you too. Yes, I am a different person in Jesus, I am changed, but I am also the same mind, the same human who chose the steps I took. I just don’t have to make the same mistakes.It’s a multitude of facets that make up one person that God created. It all comes down to being surrounded by love, learning from people who have walked the path of salvation before me, and simply learning that I AM NOT WHO MY OCCUPATION SAYS I AM.

One thing that is different, I have  The Holy Spirit. I am now held accountable, and I now know someone loves me. And that someone is God.There are so many views that change with being a Christian. But when the veil is lifted, it starts to become so clear- when your eyes adjust, you no longer question things you may have before. You know the Truth. And that is everything.

Since I was a child, I enjoyed serving people. Please don’t go assuming I mean to live my life as a doormat or a slave. I show affection to people by carrying out tasks for them. So naturally the role of a housewife fits me very well. I help my husband manage his business, and take care of the farm, and our home. So my time is not spent completely scrubbing dishes and washing knickers. I believe in being my husband’s Help-Meet. Not his equal, but equally valuable. I make a mind not to challenge his authority, and this is not because I am forced, but because I trust he knows what is best for us and our life TOGETHER.

My life view has changed since I was a tattoo artist. I am happier, I can identify with women better than before, and I am now comfortable with myself and my role I chose in life to be a wife, and servant of the Lord. And anyone that dares tell me this change in my life is not okay should come back and talk to me after they have under went 10 years of life living changes.IMG_9269

The attention I gather now, well, it seems to be more pleasant. I am happier, and would sooner smile and laugh than scowl and curse. Yes, I dress differently, but I also wear modern clothes, and yes my piercings are gone. (Mostly because I got tired of having a cold ouchy face all the time.)

I went from fearing femininity and being delicate, to being comfortable as a caring and sensitive individual. I no longer have to keep up a front, and my husband loves me no matter what. The fact I now realize that as long as we choose to work through our problems, he isn’t going anywhere; is completely comforting. My sin has been washed away, and I am proud to be a Stay-At-Home Wife.

Trading my tattoo machine for an apron is the best thing I have ever done. Because I also traded that machine, the hours of unappreciated work, drugs and soul-less lives for everything I could have hoped for. I am the stewardess of my family, I am an equestrian, a daughter, a lover, an artist, a mother and a Woman of God. I am a Stay-At- Home Wife

And I had to FIGHT to get here.

Please let me know how you enjoyed my 4 part Testimony of Trading Tattooing. My journey from a self sufficient woman who was far from God’s Love, to a Traditionalist Christian Housewife.

XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac


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