Daughters Of The King {Formal Tea}


I have always wanted to connect more with women. It seems as though my whole life revolved around jealousy (giving or receiving) and hatred towards other Ladies. Just recently, within the past three years; I have found a desire to connect more with women. God has given me a heart for Ladies, and a desire to connect, minister to and serve them. I have tried multiple times to fund and usher different groups in order to bring women together who need uplifting, and love from their peers. Each time they have dwindled down to little or no attendance and I grow weary and defeated.

My church, Dayspring Assembly of God in Bowling Green has started up a Sisterhood. Mrs. Vickery, the Pastor’s wife is a beautiful woman of God that I regret not having more time to bond with. Her ability to bring women together is something that I look up to. So naturally, when they decided to do a formal Tea, A High Tea to be exact, I gasped. This was right up my alley. I love teas. High, Low, Formal, Informal, just lounging and drinking out of my Audrey Mug. Best of all, there is a chance to HOST a table.

I called right away after church, leaving a message with the planning committee. They did not have a sign up sheet yet as the event is not until May 1st. I invited my two friends, as well as suggested my Mother in Law attend.

I am hoping that my grandeur ideas and habit of being a bit too over the top in these situations does not kill my chances at hosting a table. I have so many ideas and ways of doing things that I fear I may not be able to do them. Then to which, I worry if I will truly enjoy myself. I feel led to host a table either way, and make some connections in my church, which I have been so lazy to do.

Here’s to a hope of making some new friends, and being able to let my gnack for hosting fancy events shine!

XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac.



12 thoughts on “Daughters Of The King {Formal Tea}

  1. I too have always wAnted to host a high tea. Seems I have only lacked the courage and ability since I often bite off more than I can chew! But I’d love to hear about how it goes and get some ideas from you. I totally u sweat and that but about girls and recent desire to connect. Something about the elder women mentoring the younger always gives me a sense of emptiness and longing. I hope you do have the chance to make your mark and inspire those gals to participate and leave the judgment at the door.


      1. Thx. For the reply !! Probably not on this earth…(tea, you and I) Maybe in our Fathers 🏠 oneday..?? Id like to chat with you more. I have a lot of stuff going on. But not on a public network. I am a very private person ( too secluded for my own good) but thats how it is..


      2. Would be lovely. You have my email….im assuming we wont be posting letters like the good ol’ days…our government postal service is practically non existant now 😳….looking more and more like Zimbabwe here…😞😥


      3. Also… not “©….Somalia, ©Etheopia…we are a country running like US..bad government but running none the less. A beauuutiful country, with many patrons fighting to preserve it. I will mail u pics, u will be amazed. we live by the ocean..its stunning. We are fighting for this !!!


  2. Cooool. Lets xxxx . I need someone who loves the Lord Jesus but is human all the same. And im happy, personally, that i can be in the background.


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