Lead Foot Culture

Lead Foot Friday 004

{Chevy Van90 The StubNose}

This van, looking as though it was abandoned at Woodstock in the 70’s is a customer vehicle. A 1968 Chevy Van 90. With all it’s natural Patina, this character of a vehicle looks like it came right out of a cars sketch. It’s new life as an daily summer family truckster will certainly do justice to it’s Groovy Roots. Hopefully Fred, Daphne, Shaggy, Velma and Scooby won’t show up to claim the van.

The original 307 engine was in poor shape. The 2 barrel motor barely held itself together when trying to start it. The carb spit flames back into my husband’s face on multiple accounts and nearly tried to kill everyone with the richness of it’s exhaust fumes. So they came to the decision it needed a heart transplant. Now it has a beautifully painted Chevy Orange 350 engine and 700R4.

With a little more sprucing, this thing will be ready to hit the Ohio car scene this summer.

Keep up to date on builds at

Instagram: @LeadFootCustomsOH





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