Sarcasm Saturday

Sarcasm Saturday 007


I have made an oopsie. I have a fear that all the other SAHW’s will shun me for this grievous act. Yesterday when I made my way to the mailbox, I realized, I was wearing slacks. My face flushed instantly when little Jimmy two doors down spied me in these unfeminine trousers. Snagging up the mail, I rushed inside and slammed the door. Collapsing into a heap, I watched the phone in utter horror. Moments went by before it started ringing. I was terrified that it may be Eloise. She always has a word or two when any wife in the neighborhood slips up. Ignoring the constant ring of the phone, I collect myself and come to my feet. Shutting all the curtains in the house, I swiftly go to the bathroom. I must shower off my shame so I can explain to my husband what came over me.


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