10 Items You Should Be Cleaning Once a Month


Every woman needs a reminder once in awhile that there are a few items in your house that need attending to. Most of these items serve a purpose such as cleaning, that we forget they need to have a good going through on occasion to make sure we get the most out of each experience with these items. I am just as neglectful at times when it comes to cleaning these little babies, that I figured I would remind myself, as well as you Ladies.

So let’s get to it shall we?

It is good to set aside a certain time of the month to do these items. Such as the last week of the month, or break it up to do a few every week. I myself do them all in one big swipe, and usually dedicate a whole week at the end of the month and knock out a few each day.

  1. Your Toaster. Come on, when was the last time your little bread toaster got a good cleaning? You may be afraid of what you will find in the crumb tray. Never use any harsh chemicals to clean your toaster. It can burn, ruin your bread or even be toxic when the heating elements get hot. I use simple soap and water. It gets the job done.
  2. Your vacuum. I own a bird, as well as multiple furry animals. My vacuum is a very underrated soldier in my home. I notice it slowly looses suction as the month goes by, so I take my time to disassemble it, clean every part thoroughly, and when put back together, it works as if I had just brought it out of the box.
  3. Washing Machine and Dryer. Your clothes are dirty, especially if you have a mechanic for a husband. Most people assume that because there’s water and detergent constantly cycling through the washer that it self cleans. You could not be more wrong. I scrub down the basin, all the agitators, and run a load of just hot water and bleach once a month. As for my dryer. CLEAN OUT THE LINT VENT AND HOSE. you might clean out the trap as often as you do laundry, but many people forget to clean out the hose leading out of the house. Some lint gets trapped there every time you do laundry, and this is a common way to have a poor functioning dryer, or house fire.
  4. Behind your Fridge and Stove. I am so bad at this. I hate to haul those heavy things out. And I should start recruiting my husband to help. But you would be amazed what’s living behind them. Scrubbing down the walls behind them too is also good practice.
  5. The walls and baseboards in your home. I am surprised at how many people just paint over dirt because it looks unsightly. Why spend so much money when some elbow grease and vinegar can get your walls and molding looking like new?
  6. Lamp Shades. Your lamp shades gather dust, whether fabric or plastic. You really should be giving them a wipe down or vacuum on a regular basis.
  7. Garbage Cans. It’s not the most delightful task. But when someone notices how spotless your garbage can is? Heck…They may not say anything but they will go home and scrub their own. Trust me.
  8. Fan Blades. Out of sight, out of mind? Fan blades collect so much dust. Wipe them down once a month to cut down on allergens in the air.
  9. Heater Vents. Sometimes, we neglect to unscrew the vent cover and do a thorough cleaning of the trap and vent that circulates the heat in our homes. Every time your furnace turns on, it propels whatever is sitting on the surface of the vent. So it is good to clean these out.
  10. Plastic or Fake House Plants. If you have a Ficus Tree, any type of floral arrangements. They collect dust. It is good to take a lint roller to them to keep the allergens out of your lungs.

Hopefully this helps a few ladies to remember the importance of taking care of each item your home has. With all we must get done in a day, it is so easy to forget these unseen things that also and usually desperately need our attention. Let me know your important must clean items. Or if you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me via the contact page. Also, keep up to date with my daily life by following me on Twitter @SweetBabyCaddy and Instagram @SweetBabyCadillac


XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac


6 thoughts on “10 Items You Should Be Cleaning Once a Month

  1. Washing my walls is one of my biggest things. We smoke in the house and have light colored paint, so you can see the nicotine on the walls. If I don’t wash them at least once a week

    Another thing, too, is going arounf the cieling with a broom to get rid of cobwebs!


  2. Definitely all important cleaning reminders on your list! I always forget the toaster. For me I find it’s the tops of the wardrobes that need a good seeing to. But once I’ve dusted them the floor becomes inhabited with dust bunnies, so it’s always followed by a thorough vacuming. 🙂


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