Sarcasm Saturday

Sarcasm Saturday 008


I can’t live with myself anymore! On Sunday, our regular day out of the house together, My husband helped another woman put her groceries into her car! She was so bashful, tiny and helpless. She even said thank you! I could not believe my eyes. I treat my husband with every inch of respect and worship he deserves. He is my King, and I would never dream of him to desire any one else than me! I have revolved my life around him, I stopped going to Bridge, and even decided to knit less so I could be more in tune with his needs! HOW DOES HE THANK ME?! By flirting with another woman. Oh her hair, so perfectly waved and golden. And that dress, I bet she made it herself. I feel as though I may never recover. My husband is my life! If he leaves, I may just melt into nothing. I need a xanax to be able to carry out the rest of the week.


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