Daughters of the King High Tea


It doesn’t seem like this event is going to be exactly what I was hoping for. But I am pleased to announce that I will be hosting a table at the High Tea May 1st at my church. They seem to be pretty set on how everything will go, so I must abide by rules it seems. But I am pleased that at the very least I will be having tea with my church ladies. There will be a multiple course supper served, and I am sad to say it does not appear to be vegetarian friendly. So for this, I am going to break the rules and make a vegetarian dish because it’s discriminatory otherwise.

I must supply 8 table settings as well as two teapots, and tea bags since some people may have issues with certain teas. I am going to have a traditional Earl Grey, a Floral, and a Spice. I’m not entirely sure what floral I will choose, but I am thinking Chai Rooibos for my spice tea. I am also going to offer Agave Nectar as a sweetening, as well as sugar because I’m a prissy snot at times.

My good friend has said she will come, so this Sunday I am going to purchase her ticket. Funny enough, she used to attend my church but hasn’t since the Pastor change about 10 months ago. It will probably be very good for her to see some people she may recognize.

At the end of this, I am sure I will be exhausted. The stress of loaning your prized china to people is a little daunting. But I must not be so attached to material items. I love all my china equally so there’s no better option in this instance.

I wish that these sorts of things were more common. A few years back I had attempted to start a charitable tea society. I had a few interested parties at first, but it then slowly dwindled down to just myself. For that reason I gave up. It seems women tend to shy away from any sort of uniform female bonding.

Do you enjoy tea parties? have you ever been to one? What is your absolute favorite tea? I would love your feedback. Thank you for reading

XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac


6 thoughts on “Daughters of the King High Tea

  1. Hi there. Fabulous that you’re hosting! (I would also be a little apprehensive concerning my China!) I have never had chai-rooibos…but rooibos is my favorite tea. Black with honey or black with lemon. I often use the leaves with a little honey as a scrub. And the tea as a toner/ refresher for my face.
    I think woman avoid these do’s because woman are generally just bitchy and gossipy…?( I’m sure that’s not a legit word) and there always seems to be a “clique” instead of everyone bonding. I don’t know..that’s my experience.
    Well please do take photos for us. Have you any idea which dish you’ll prepare?


    1. I am covering fruit garnishes because I came in a little late to reserve any other menu item. The other ladies had it pretty much covered. Thank you for all your kind words. I agree with the reference to women being a bit persnippity at times. I’ll be sure to thoroughly document the event. : ) Sending you many blessings, Dear!


  2. I was invited to a Ladies Day Out tea at my friend’s church last year. Everyone had to bring their own cup and saucer. There were prizes for “most unique,” “prettiest,” “most dainty” etc. There were five or six teas to choose from. Sugar cubes, honey, and milk for add-in’s.

    Right now, my favorite teas are Pure White and Chamomile.

    I’m not sure why women’s groups in general seem to be dwindling. Perhaps with the push for equality in all things, dividing the sexes into separate groups of interest seems too old-fashioned or sexist to some. It’s a shame really. I’ve even noticed baby showers seem to be more co-ed nowadays with the men of the family invited as well.


    1. I thoroughly dislike coed events for usually traditionally separated events. My sister did the co ed baby shower, and I found myself feeling awkward and difficult to get though. I guess it’s a whole long issue for me. Maybe I will post on why I think it’s important to have same sex support groups. Thank you so much for your insight, and I’m sorry the comment seemed to disappear!


      1. Same-sex support groups would be a great topic for a post…men and women support each other in different but complimentary ways. That’s great and fabulous. We need each other for certain things the other provides. However, same-sex support also fills certain needs that the other sex doesn’t readily provide in the way we need it. Hope that makes sense!

        No need to apologize about the comment! Technology has it’s drawbacks that we can’t always control.

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      2. It makes total sense and I agree 100%. Thank you for agreeing about my possible post. I will be sure to write something for next week, to which I can include my experiences, and my Husband’s as he is going to a Men’s work day at church. ❤ Your insights are extremely valued.


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