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Sweet Baby Cadillac Talks About Hobbies


There have been so many debates on this blog about what it means to be a SAHW {Stay At Home Wife} and Traditionalist Woman. There have been misconceptions about how I live my life, and my experiences. Housework, and caring for my family is not the only thing I involve myself in. In fact, some of my hobbies are considered traditionally unfeminine. Here I am going to talk about some examples of hobbies and lifestyles I take a part in and why they are traditionally unfeminine but why this does not matter.

One of the very first things people notice about me, is my collection of graphic body art. It’s very vibrant, bold lines and dark color. Most of my tattoos are even somewhat morbid, or involve scantily clad or completely naked women. I still have a huge attachment to the world of Pinup Art and appreciation for the female body. But with 5 pin up women on my arms, and side, I have decided to cease with the girls and focus on some other types of body art for now. Not that I still do not love them. I do very much. Tattooing, due to the amount of pain inflicted used to be considered a mostly man’s occupation and hobby. The collection of body art is traditionally unappealing for women to have or partake in.

In recent months, I have decided to take up an interest in personal fitness and building strength. I am by far above the average woman for strength. I can lift quite a lot as I do on a regular basis working on a farm and in an automotive garage. I hope to reach personal goals that will surprise even myself. Having a muscular physique and being strong are both traditionally unfeminine. But it is so important now a days to be trim, fit and healthy. Strength can also come in handy when the Husband isn’t home. Like today, I lifted the lawn mower out of the truck by myself because my husband wasn’t home.

Horse Back Riding and Horse Care is actually a fairly female centered sport now a days. But during the victorian era, it was considered unfeminine for a woman to be caught caring for, tacking up and cleaning up after her horse. It was considered unlady like and most men did this for their wives and daughters. As time went on, women became a more forefront force in horse care and sport. To some, it may be unlady like for me to muck a stall in a dress, but this is something I have been caught doing quite often.

FullSizeRender (16)

I would also hope most of you know by now that my passion for classic cars and hot rods hasn’t just been an unfulfilled dream. My husband has been an active force in getting me out in the garage to work on things and teach me a thing or two. I actually enjoy it. Classic Cars in my opinion are one of our greatest links to the bygone eras we find ourselves so infatuated with. There’s a lost culture to classic automobiles and our desire to restore and drive them would be much more expensive if we didn’t do the work ourselves. Automotive maintenance is dirty, difficult and requires strength and intelligence. It has not been a traditionally women centered pass time.

What are a few non gender conforming pass times you enjoy doing? I would absolutely love to hear! Keep up to date with all my antics over on Instagram @SweetBabyCadillac or Twitter @SweeBabyCaddy

God Bless and Be Well!

XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac


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