Way Back Wednesday

Way Back Wednesday 001

I have decided to start a new series, since I am really enjoying my Lead Foot Fridays, Sarcasm Saturdays and Scripture Sundays.

I figured the middle of the week deserved some love. So here I give you

Way Back Wednesday


This post card is not dated, nor can I find the date on the internet. But here we see a photo of the housing units of the old {now demolished} Toledo State Hospital and Asylum. I have a huge appreciation for history, and vintage medical practices as well as historical medical buildings. So at one point in time I went on a Toledo State Hospital kick, looking up all I could about it. It was one of the only open cottage style asylums of it’s time, allowing patients to move about the grounds under supervision. They farmed, went to work, came home and functioned like a miniature city. The cemetery can still be found off Arlington Ave. behind the new E.L. Bowsher Highschool. Patients are buried under index sized placards with their patient number. Now, a few patients families erected proper headstones with names, but over 200 bodies are buried behind the school, lost forever save for their ID number. Judging by the dress, we see victorian era women lined up outside what I assume to be the female bunks and housing.


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