Sarcasm Saturday

Sarcasm Saturday 009


Can we just talk about me for a moment? I know I spend every waking minute taking care of my True Love and King, but for once, just once, I need a moment to focus on me. I am starting to question whether or not this whole “Housewife” Thing is for me. As times change, I see all sorts of women becoming amazing people, like pilots, and doctors, and even body builders. It just makes me think, Was I forced into my servitude? Now that I ponder this, I do remember my mother saying to me at a very young age “All you will ever be good for is to hang off a man’s arm!” I knew she was right almost instantly. Even before I could walk, I knew I was going to be an AMAZING housewife. But what if…I want to do more with my life? OH HELL who am I kidding? THIS IS MY LIFE! How could I be so silly to think I could be a singer, or a boxer, or maybe a tattoo artist. Pft! That would be so frightening for me. This is all I have ever known! I should stay right here where I am safe and loved and NEVER try anything new.


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