Lead Foot Culture

Lead Foot Friday 007

Here at Lead Foot Customs we work on A LOT of Cadillacs. And we are not complaining. We love the luxury and beauty of America’s most iconic luxury car. We enjoy slamming them, the natural patina of the older cars, and most of all, doing burnouts in the view of unexpecting victims. So for this Lead Foot Friday we feature:

Pango’s 1960 Cadillac Fleetwood


The entire car is currently completely stock. The day it was brought to the shop, it was downpouring rain. It sat on the trailer in the driveway for a week before it was tinkered with. Dumping gas in the carb, it cranked to life as if it had been driven yesterday. With Pango’s hopes to put it on airride and redo the entire interior, This 1960 Cadillac is going to turn heads this summer.


Keep up to date with our builds:

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and remember “Keep Your Foot In It”


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