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Sweet Baby Cadillac’s Re-Introduction


Since this blog’s conception, I have seen so many new readers and friends come along. I have been so happy to establish all of these relationships, and I owe it all to writing this blog. I am so thankful for all of my readers and friends, because of you I am able to share my life with such a diverse and amazing audience.

Because I have some new readers who are engaging me quite often on Sweet Baby Cadillac, I figured a Re-Introduction and update post was necessary since my “About Me” could never cover every inch of my life. I would absolutely enjoy it if you did the same. I won’t pressure you, But if I give you a shout out in my thank you list at the bottom of this post, I would absolutely ADORE it if you answered these questions, or what ones you felt comfortable answering anyways. It’s so much fun for us to get to know our readers and for them to know us.

1. What is your name?

Well, I don’t enjoy giving out my full legal name for privacy reasons, but because of the common last name, I don’t mind people knowing my last name. I prefer to be called Elle Cox. Or Elsie Cox.

2. How old are you?

I am currently 25 years old.

3. When is your birthday?

December 5th 1990

4. Are you married?

Happily, Yes.

5. Do you have any children?

None of the human variety.

6. Pets?

I prefer to call them companions or friends. But Yes, six ducks, two dogs, two cats, a horse and a cockatoo.

7. What is your occupation?

A domestic, retro, traditional housewife.

8. Do you play a sport?

Most people consider horse back riding a sport. So yes.

9. What is your favorite genre of music?

I enjoy everything except 80’s metal and hairbands.

10. Do you have three favorite words?

Yes, I have so many favorite words but these are my most frequently used. Devotion, Literature and Eloquent.

11. What would you consider your clothing style?

Definately Vintage. If the clothes mimic or were from the 20’s to 70’s, you bet I love it.

12. Do you have siblings?

Yes, a sister, a step brother and a step sister. As well as multiple inlaws.

13. Do you have a bad habit?

Yes. This is shameful, but I am an onychophagiac and dermatillomaniac. I pick my skin, and bite my nails. I have done well with curbing my habits but I still fall short.

14. Do you have a trait you like about yourself?

Physically, probably my teeth, they have always been straight and white. Mentally, I am extremely caring and maternal.

15. Three skills you are best at?

Oh, Wow. I would probably say Housekeeping, Cooking and I like to believe I am a decent writer. I have so many passions though it’s hard to choose.

16. Favorite flower?

I enjoy Calla Lilies. But for regular easy keeper garden variety, I love snap dragons and bleeding hearts.

17. Vanilla or Chocolate?

Vanilla. I love chocolate but only in bar form. I am not a fan of chocolate cake, icecream or hot cocoa.

18. Tell us an early childhood memory.

I remember so much about my childhood this is hard to pick just one.I suppose since I recently came across the topic, I would have to say that fishing with my grandpa every summer at his buddy’s pond was so special to me now that I look back. My grandparents are a HUGE part of me. I wear my Grandmother’s wedding band and my Husband wears my Grandfather’s. They are the ONLY couple in my family who has not been divorced. It means so much to me.

19. Are you Democrat or Republican?

This is a heated question, but I suppose that I identify with the republican party. Not all of their views I agree with but majority rules. I do not currently vote though. Nor will I talk about this mockery of an election for our next president.

20. Who is your role model? Famous or Not.

I have so many role models. And so many of them for different reasons. My Grandmother for her ability to always defy her age. Audrey Hepburn for her humble beauty and heart of gold. Tom Cooper, For fighting against all the horrible things in his life to still praise God. There’s just too many.


Well, I hope this helps some people get to know me a bit better. Below I would love for you to follow these blogs I am so thankful for connecting with. They are truly inspirational, and if they would hold interest in answering these same questions I nabbed offline, I would enjoy reading their answers.

Thank Yous

Sarah over at The Mom In Me

Elizabeth over at The Housewife’s Daybook

Anna over at A Glorious Beauty and A Sweet Delicate Thing

Phoenix over at The Tasteful Talon

Tony over at The Tony Burgess Blog

And I would like to issue a very special thank you to all my anonymous or non blogging readers. Your continued support is so vital to all Sweet Baby Cadillac encompasses. ❤

Remember to follow me on Instagram @SweetBabyCadillac and Twitter @SweetBabyCaddy

XOXO SweetBabyCadillac



10 thoughts on “Sweet Baby Cadillac’s Re-Introduction

  1. Hey sweet baby cadi I am channeling your style with my new show since it is set in 1941… Looking for ideas for hair since it is short and many styles had long that I can find when trying get ideas. And of course I am always learning from your great traditional style when I am dressing in retro.


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