Lead Foot Culture

Lead Foot Friday 008

Barn finds are probably our favorite part of this job. Finding a hidden time capsule squirreled away as if it were never to see light again, pulling it out and exploring every inch is what fuels the spirit of Lead Foot Customs. So despite this car not yet being worked on, we still have to feature this treasure trove.

The 1955 Buick Century

This car is too beautiful for words. It was last titled in 1983 but was driven around by the families 3 kids up until it was inevitably abandoned in the 80’s. It’s stock specs sport a 322 Nail Head and Dynaflow. The starting mechanism is quite unique to this car also. You can find the video over on Instagram @LeadFootCustomsOH. Turning the key to the on position, you then press the gas pedal to start the car. It’s really an interesting feature. In the glove box we uncovered the ORIGINAL 1955 owner’s manual. The family just wants the engine and breaks gone through and then they will take it to have it painted. It’s original patina will only last for so long, so soak up it’s state before it’s gone.

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