So Many Updates…

Hello Loves. I’m so very sorry for neglecting you guys as of late. I do hope that you understand. I did manage to make a quick video for my Youtube, but other than that it has been nothing but scheduled posts. I didn’t talk too much about recent developments. As some of you do know, My husband and I were saving to buy a house. With some recent occurrences, it looks like we are now going to start hunting a year earlier than expected. All of this has left me feeling a little breathless, uncertain and worried. Back when we were simply fancying the idea, there were so many homes that would have worked for us. Now that we are almost forced with the aspect of having to move, there is NOTHING! I have been praying, and I trust God entirely with every bit of this transition. But just because I let the Lord lead, doesn’t mean I can’t hear the scary whispers of my flesh telling me we could end up homeless. Which in truth is extremely far from it, but we all know how good the enemy is at making us believe weird little things.

There are so many stipulations on buying a house, and my husband and I truly need all of these things for it to be worth us moving.  So if you wouldn’t mind keeping us in your prayers, I would appreciate it greatly. We have a choice of two realtors, and despite having a well seasoned family friend, I feel lead to have Sarah from The Mom In Me Blog ‘s Husband; who just recently found his passions in real estate, to help us find a house.

By the way, go check out her super awesome blog in Mommy Adventures.

This whole situation is frustrating, mostly due to reasons I am not inclined to speak of publicly for the privacy of my family. I am left gasping for air at the lack of homes, when four months ago I found 5 places I would have bought in a heart beat had we decided not to wait a year.

I feel like now I am kicking myself trying to do good and wait it out. And don’t even get me started on how nervous I am about getting approved as a self employed sole proprietor.

We had hoped to pay off some loans my husband has from school, and sell the motorcycle so that we had virtually no payments. We can still pay off is loans relatively quick, but the motorcycle has garnered no interest. Long story short, we may have some difficulty securing financing. But like I said, I trust the Lord.

If for any reason during this transition this blog goes dark, I hope you can give me grace. My passion is still in blogging, speaking and giving interesting topics to my readers. But as you probably have gathered, things are extremely up in the air right now.

I don’t ever plan to can this blog. I have met so many marvelous people from it. And again I want to say thank you for your support, love and prayers.


Sweet Baby Cadillac.



2 thoughts on “So Many Updates…

  1. Wishing you luck with the house situation! It is a very stressful thing to have to find somewhere that works for you when you haven’t got a huge amount of time to do so, but have faith, I’m sure you will find your dream home. 🙂


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