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My Decision To Get Back Into Tight Lacing

There has always been an appeal to me of the traditional slender waist, and full hips of the vintage figure. Almost all pre 1960’s women had some dip to their waist, whether it be from girdle, shapewear or the ever infamous steel boned corset.


Because of the restriction and tight hug many corsets give, most women today frown on the act, and even mention of tight lacing, waist training or general corseting of the mid section. I have been interested in Tight Lacing since 16, but did the right thing and thoroughly educated myself and matured physically and mentally before truly delving into this body modification process. Let me be clear. Corseting under the age of 18 can cause physical harm and damage to growing bodies. I DO NOT condone or suggest partaking in corset wearing until you are a legally consenting adult.

At the age of 23, I purchased my first waist training suitable corset. (And yes, there are differences. So be sure to educate yourself to avoid injury.} It was a little smaller than what I felt comfortable starting in, so I put off seasoning it and bought a 26′ corset instead. I believe my first was 24′. I now have so many I get confused. I started becoming obsessed with the desire to reduce my waist to 20″. But when I started horse back riding on a regular basis, I was unable to wear them daily. The heat and sweating from high endurance riding started to give my skin yeast rashes. So therefore, I slowly stopped wearing them entirely over a period of six months.

I do not have many photos of my corseted torso without clothes, as I feel them to be undergarments and do not enjoy showing people my undergarments. I do very much miss the curve of my waist in a corset, and so with much planning, have decided to start up wearing them again. Because it has been months  since I have worn a corset, I will have to start back slowly, giving my muscles time to adjust to daily constriction and slightly limited movement.  My goal, if all goes well will be to have the ability to cinch to a 22″ reduction by the new year. Do to my high risk environment working with horses and cars, I am not putting a specific time frame on my reductions. I am going to listen and respect my bodies limits.

Since working out is also such a passion of mine lately, I would like to note, I also plan to continue going to the gym during this time. I do not recommend working out in your stays for risk of hurting your beautiful crafted corset.

Have you ever been laced into a corset? How does the thought or act make you feel? I would love to discuss it below.

XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac


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