Sarcasm Saturday

Sarcasm Saturdays 015


My Mother always said that my one job was to provide my husband with a child. And I’m starting to fear that because I have yet to do so, he has found me useless. I cook, I clean, I serve him first. I obey and listen. I thought that would be enough. I think he agrees. I must bear him a child to fulfill all that I am to do in this life. I just don’t know if I am ready for it. I am going to lose my perfected 20 inch waist, and have swollen feet and irritable mood swings! All the ladies at my Bridge club have had one, two or more children and they all seem so perfect. Of course, their husbands are known for straying from time to time, but perhaps if I don’t I will loose him completely!  Oh I need a Valium, I have worked myself into a tizzy!


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