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Monday: Blessing Your Home


First off, a thank you is in order. A few of my readers sent me heartfelt emails during my hiatus here on the blog. I needed some time to spend on my family, and so much has been happening, I needed a breather to focus on God leading me through the storm. So yes, thank you to those of you who sent me emails, they were so truly appreciated. And a big thank you to all my readers who stayed with me during this break. Your understanding and compassion have given me hope to return to normalcy here on the blog very quickly.

First off, I would like you all to see my nephew Naam. I’m such a lucky Auntie to have the cutest niece and nephew a woman could ask for.


And here is little Zarah.

Alright, with that out of the way, let’s get back on schedule, shall we?

The term blessing, or the act of receiving or giving a blessing is something all walks of life can relate to. No matter your religious state or nationality, if a blessing is described as something good given, acted out upon you, or by you, most would agree that they are in favor of the thought or action. So needless to say, being a domesticated maven means that blessing your home is necessary. Without the act of cleaning, decluttering, and focused rituals you do to your home, it would be an unblessed mess of catastrophe. Am I right? Afterall, even the most seasoned housewives have that little bit of catastrophe every once in awhile.

In this post, I’m going to cover some daily home blessings that you should be preforming to help your home along to being that haven you want to so dearly provide to your family. They are not religion or belief specific, but can easily be tailored to your own set of beliefs. I am a Christian woman, so most of these home blessings work well for my faith.


From the moment you wake up in the morning, to the moment you lie back down. Most will agree that the bed continuously calls your name. One very important home blessing is making your bed. When you get up, take the few extra moments to put the bed back together. It does three things for you and your family. One: It makes you less likely to return for a nap. Two: Feel better to climb into at night. Three: Keeps dust, dirt and pet dander out of the sheets during the day.


Doing dishes is definitely a home blessing. But how many of you wives shine your sink? I am talking, a bit of bar keeper’s magic, or comet, or even plain washing soda, and scrub that puppy up so she shines. I do this nightly. I enjoy going to bed with a clean sink so that in the morning, it’s like a fresh start.


The smell of a fresh baked pie, cookies or cake seems to completely transform a home. And so you may be asking what baking confections does for your home. It makes the atmosphere one of tender love and care. You bless the consumers of these items as well which is an added side bonus. So bake something a few times per week. Your husband will walk in the door mouth watering if it comes out only moments before his arrival.


Unless you have severe allergies. Fresh flowers in the home have been a joy for decades. They brighten up a room, bring a spirit of nature into your dwelling, and have been shown to ease symptoms of depression and SAD. In modern society it is easy to get flowers during all seasons. Maybe even learning the art of flower arrangement can be a blessing to your home.

Essential oils are huge right now. You can get them practically anywhere. Finding a great set of essential oils that work for the home you are trying to keep, can truly make a huge difference on the way your home operates. I use a Lavender Eucalyptus spritz on all of my rooms twice a week. And I use Tea Tree and Almond with vinegar to wipe down my wood. Ask a professional what essential oils affect the brain in what ways. They will help you obtain harmony.

I hope you find these home blessings informative, and maybe add one to your daily routine. If you have any you would like to add, please leave it in the comment section below. Don’t forget to add me on Instagram @SweetBaby Cadillac and Instagram: @SweetBabyCaddy


Have a God filled week!



2 thoughts on “Monday: Blessing Your Home

  1. Glad to see you’re back! Your niece and nephew are adorable.

    These are some great home blessing tips – I especially love having flowers in the home, it’s so uplifting. 🙂 One thing I like to do at home is pick some lavender from the garden, put it into small drawstring bags and put the bags in the clothes drawers. That way your clothes always smell nice, plus you get the scent of lavender each time you open the drawers!

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