Vintage Entertainment: Drive In Movies

The first drive in theatre was erected in 1933, and was located in Camden New Jersey. Since that day in time the people of yesteryear were merging their love and fascination with the booming automobile industry, with the pictures we now call movies. Long since dead, there are still a few drive ins scattered across America. Some no longer show movies, but are junk yards, parking lots or flea market venues. I consider myself lucky to still have an original operating drive in theatre only 25 minutes from my house. This is why I consider drive ins a great form of vintage entertainment. The movies are different, the cars too new for my liking. But cuddling up next to my husband, snacking on popcorn and laughing at a few movies is definitely on my to-do list a lot this summer.

Last Friday, the gang stopped by an old fashioned soda shop called “Eagles Nest Sweet Retreat.” You had to order your food at the counter. The floor was a checkerboard of green and white, and the colorful dips of ice cream and old fashioned milkshakes made me feel as though I belonged.

I ordered a vegetarian slider, and was very guilty and got a vanilla milkshake. The rest of the group ordered pizzas, salads and a BLT. After we finished our food, we hopped in our cars and drove down the road to the Sundance Kid Drive In Theatre.


Our buddy was still working on getting his bug running and had to drive his ranger. Funny enough it came in handy since we had trouble tuning our handheld radios into the station for the movie, and his digital display radio helped us figure it out! People gathered around our cars, questioning us excitedly. It definitely wasn’t something they expected to see.

The girls and I sat and chatted about this and that while we waited for it to get dark. When it got closer to the time for our movie to start, I laid out a blanket in the bed of the 50 pickup, laid down and made sure my view was good. Too bad there wasn’t a line of 40’s, 50’s and 60’s cars in my view. That would have been way better.

What are some of your favorite pass times, or entertainment? Vintage or not, I would love to hear about them! Remember to follow @SweetBabyCadillac on Instagram to keep up to date with my daily life!

Stay Blessed XOXO Sweet Baby Cadillac.


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